Edson Barboza vs. Giga Chikadze

Up next… I got Chikadze

Go Giga $$$

I got Edson. He’s fought a lot higher comp & has more power/tools. You never know though

Big step up for Giga but I think he wins.


I like both of these guys. I’ll take Edson

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THATS checking a kick. Not just lifting your leg and letting it flip all over, intercelting their shit with yours.


Love barboza pushing forward on him constantly

This is great


Loving it so far. Edson needs to stop cocking his punches so much

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Fuck I love both these guys, but there can only be one…tonight

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Edson better shoot

Close but Giga wins rd 1

Giga is feeling it

Damn Gigas kicks looking like it’s throwing Barboza off. Making him wait

Giga just moving and countering. Not initiating anything

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Thank Fuck it’s five rounds


1-1 so far i have it

Yea 1/1
Barboza not being tentative like he was in the first