Edson Barboza

Proved that he is truely a great fighter. He showed that he can overcome adversity. A great fighter is the one that fights through the bad moments, who does not crumple under preassure. Castillo , another great fighter, layed an ass whupping on Edson in that first round, many men would have been done after punishment like that, but Jr came back and returned the favor! This kid will be circling around that belt in the very near future! Very very proud of him! Phone Post 3.0

Gonna watch that one again in a few minutes.

Fights like that are what make people become hardcore MMA fans.

Just read that article about him being born premature. Dude was just born a fighter. He doesn't give up. His muay thai is beautiful to watch. Definitely a fan.

I can't believe how fucking fast and hard his kicks are. It's a thing of beauty. He's a scary dude for sure.

He has been one of my favorite fighters now for a while. I'd love to see him & Aldo have a leg kick competition.
I think he just needs to work his cardio so when he gets in the later rounds he'll have more GnP. But I'm super excited every time he fights. Phone Post 3.0

He has the same body structure as GSP.

He kicks with such speed and power. You throw in the diversity of his kicks and it really is a thing of beauty to watch.

He is awesome but definitely not gonna be top five if he doesnt improve. You cant be outstruck by varner and castillo Phone Post 3.0

I want to see him have a kicking competition with Pettis. Phone Post 3.0

Very good/intelligent post OP.