edson berto

will take this


is no one doin pbp on this ?

EliteXC 'Street Certified" Play-by-Play

EliteXC 'Street Certified" Play-by-Play

Saturday, February 16, 2008

if youd like it id be glad to give it , ill be doin pavlik taylor pbp later since the mods keep deletin my threads givin ppl the live streams lololol

The awesome is going to be strong in this one. Great fight!

yves is in trouble in this one imo

pulling for yves

yha im a big fan of yves but i think berto is a killer

Go Yves!

i know his brother damn sure is lol , anyone catch his fight last weekend , jesus that guy hits like a ton of bricks

wow holy shit i thought it was over lol

yes thats his brother , and edsons punches looked so hard, that was a damn tight guillatine too , yves is a tough mofo




WOW bertos kicks looked vicious too , what a great win for yves

meh ill gladly eat crow on this one , still berto looked pretty good on his feet in the loss

ill gladly watch berto fight again

and yves is always good for a knockout like this every couple years , too bad he cant string together a streak likew this and contend , hes as up and down as jenna

Im glad to see Yves doing well again. He's a great guy and deserves it.

That being said I look forward to Berto and kind of feel bad for him. He's obviously got shit tons of potential. Can't wait to see him in the ring again.

bertos strikes looked incredible , i still cant figure the fuck out why he kept shooting

yeah they were both striking well