Edson Draggo in a coma, in "grave condition"

 After a motorcycle accident. Can someone with a better grasp of portuguese translate this if you can


I wish him the best and hope he pulls through. He always went balls out and was exciting in every fight.

 From Bangu on Subfighter

Today, we received a call from the black belt Mario Sperry informing us that the boxer and MMA fighter Edson Draggo, suffered a serious motorcycle accident in Rio de Janeiro. "Ï received a call from Sul saying that he had suffered a motorcycle accident. I called Thiago Silva, who is in Rio at his house, and he told me that he did not know about Draggo, that he left yesterday afternoon and didn't come back. I called the police and told them his name, wich is Edson Klas, and they've informed me that actually that was a person with this name that had suffered a motorcycle accident and that was in induced coma. Now we are looking for the hospital to get more information".

When we were at the phone with Thiago Silva, who is sharing a apartment in Rio with Draggo, he told us what happened. "He left yesterday afternoon and didn't come back. I tried to call him several times and didn't get to talk to him. I went to train in BTT and when I came back his fiancee and his mother were in the apartment and they told me that he had suffered a accident. It looks like he hit a three with his chest. There are no scratches on his body, but the impact against his chest was strong and it pressed his lungs. The only thing we know is that he is in a induced coma at Amparo Feminino Hospital that is located in sector Rio Cumprido", said Thiago.

We called the hospital and they informed us that they can't publish his medical condition without the family's authorization, but they revealed that it was a serious accident and that Draggo's condition remained the same. According to them ,Draggo isn't in a life-threatening situation. Draggo was in Rio de Janeiro training in BTT with Thiago Silva for his ring's comeback on July, when he'd fight in a event in USA with a closed deal already. Stay tuned at the website TATAME to know more information about it.


Damn, hate to hear it, hope he gets well soon!

Wow...that's rough. I hope he gets better. =(

 I still don't understand the whole I want to ride a motorcycle thing. Get well soon Edson.

motorcycles = no can defend

Motorcycles are death traps, I've seen way to many brutal accidents to see them as anything but dangerous. Hopefully Edson is ok, he's an exciting fighter, I always enjoyed his fights.

That sucks... I don't understand the appeal of motorcycles. Seems like the risks aren't worth the fun.