eduardo telles record??

Does anyone know what championship he won. I saw several of his single matches. He is amazing but what titles does he have??

I asked that same question in one of the threads about his new DVD set.

I read that he was world champion. Not sure what year or weight class.

I dont he has any mundial titles...

Hes a fixture at most of these tournaments but im not sure if hes got a first place at any of the major tournaments.

the brazilian nationals he won, i believe.

yeah, he hasn't won the Worlds. But he's always right there in the thick of things. He's just a notch below the rogers, jacares, galvao's of the world in terms of tournament wins.

Yeah hes always in the tournaments kicking around beating some guys and losing to some of the top guys.

With his bizaro style its weird hes so effective, guess it works then.

I think his comp record is:

Copa Do Mundo:
Black Belt Pesado 2004 - 2nd place behind Margarida
Black Belt Pesado 2003 - 3nd place

Pan Ams:
Black Belt Super Pesado 2005 - 2nd place behind Xande
Black Belt Super Pesado 2004 - 3rd place
Black Belt Super Pesado 2002 - 3rd place

Black Belt Super Pesado 2005 - 2nd place behind Tozi

Don't think he has ever placed at the mundials at black belt?

His record is not bad but there are guys (Braulio, Roger, Xande, Jacare etc) who he cannot beat gi/no gi.

Sorry for the mistake.

Even if he didn't win too many titles his style is still something we can learn from. B-)

While we are on the subject,

How long has he been training BJJ? When did he get his black belt and who does he train with? I know that he is from Alliance since in his DVD preview he says that he trained with Terere, Leo Viera, etc...