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Very useful for judo!

I hate to brag, but I am a real killer from that position. I have a purple belt friend who will not take my back from the side for fear of being rolled over his neck, or wakigatamed.

I taunt him by saying, "come on, thats just basic judo."

True story. Except for the part between, "I hate not to brag," and, "that's just basic judo." The rest is sort of true.




very nice, thanks! I am terrible from turtle.

ashy, how do you get wakigatame from here? its a sub you never see in bjj for some reason (like triangles from the back)


Attack the arm that reaches over your back. Or you can overhook the choking hand.

His left hand reaches across the front and goes for your lapel...

You overhook and pin it with your left armpit...

You have to rotate underneath him over 180% clockwise in this case...

(You have to keep him from turning with you)

You essentially come out the side door into may have to grab his left leg with your right hand to prevent his escape.

You can use the armlock to set up the sweep/turnover.

For instance, you may nearly come out side door for the armlock, but he finally spins and catches up. You can go for the turnover. Might I suggest the blueberry? Very tasty.

But seriously, If you get good at the grip, spin, and feel for the balance, you can let go one arm, and take the other, back and forth. Of course, as you can see from the tape, you can easily get guard back during the scamble, as you have created some space by his having to defend.

I think I remember some BTT guys trying it off a failed shot. It works that way too.

He sprawls, puts at least one arm across your armpit, you pin, spin and win. Celebrate with gin. Hopefully, you can do it agin. Aaaahh! See what you made me do?
(Terrible, just terrible lol)

Sorry for the ramble. There must be some video somewhere. It is only moderately advanced judo that I was describing.

See Ya


Thanks, very helpful. I've done judo for a while, just never use waki gatame.

what do you think of telles stuff? I quite liked it and might get the DVD


I described an entry, not the armlock itself. You need to be good with the mechanics of the armlock first. There are some minor details to know. Learn it from your coach.
Here's a few neat detail. Of course, pin his arm in your armpit (lets say right armpit). Bring your right knee/thigh up as tight as possible to his body/torso. Parallel and touching.

Keep both your elbows in tight. Not just the pinning elbow.

Now the important part. Lean down with your right side (his arm) and squeeze his upper arm, your armpit and your thigh.

Main points....both elbows in tight.....thigh pull up tight....that whole apparatus is squeezed on his upper arm (ideally).

Your left hand takes the wrist area, while the pinning arm hand reaches only as far as it will reach naturally.

I hope this helps, I didn't mean to go on. Please ignore if I have wasted your time.

Have fun,


that stuff he does is great. Not taught very much, even in judo. It is nice to see so much detail. Sorry for the elaborate descriptions, I thought you were new to judo. Sorry! Telles must show that sub. It is such a powerful and quick threat, as you don't have to switch position that much.

Take care,

Off to the

Ashy you are great with the descriptions..I'm going to work on that stuff tonight. Don't know why but waki gatame is just something I would never go for usually.

Thanks again!


I kid you not! Wakigatame was used to achieve one of the slickest submissions you will ever seen in any grappling sport. Sombo! mma! bjj! adcc!

Hitoshi Saito (jpn hvwt), mid 80s, all Japan Championships......

He pulls off a one-armed uchimata right to a one-armed wakigatame. Just about as slick as it gets.

You can see it on the Kodokan Newaza tapes. They show quite a few wakigatames.