Eduardo's mundial record?

Did Eduardo ever particpated in the Mundial?

What's your point turd? I know the noob wants to flex a little right? We are all Gracie Barra nuckle head!

I don't think he has.  And my earlier thread was sincere.  I think David's great and I knew he competed in the Mundials.  I just never knew how he did.  So don't take it the wrong way Vergon.  Not a slam on David at all!


werent you arguing that these type of discussions were appropriate for public forums not too long ago?

I am confused?

Gamebred: "werent you arguing that these type of discussions were appropriate for public forums not too long ago?"

I am confused?

That was my point...However, all he had to do, seeing that he's part of the same "family" was ask David about Eduardo or PDP since David is most likely familiar w/GB history or access Eduardo's site. However, I do understand some things lack clarity and David's information could have been obtained had a little more digging been done. Nevertheless, Rob seeing that I would never or at least never imagined seeing you personally, as well as not actually knowing anyone from your camp I used this "public forum" to literally address "you" and asked "you" a genuine question.

I guess I'm so accustomed to the mudslinging that I seldom give pause to the fact someone might truly want something in honest.

"Why does Vergon have to be a turd? He asked a sincere question about his record just like Raspado did."


I guess maybe I imputed bad motives and if genuine then I fess-up.

On a lighter note: "I am confused?" Maybe it's all the fan-fare from your star studded performance in your most recent MMA COMMERCIAL."GRacie Tampa is here, GRRRRROOOWWLLLL"

I think it's

he could of asked david or pdp. he could have researched it on the net, he could have sent someone a letter. he chose to ask a question over the forum. When you were arguing that pulic forums were appropriate places for theses type of questions, i dont remember you specifying "only if you have no other way of finding out." either they are approprate or they are not.

I don't even know what a turd is, so I'm not taking it as something bad, but if you meant something bad, let me know, I'm only a white belt from David's, my name is Gary Recupero and I did not mean to disrespect Eduardo at all, I just wanted to ask the question because I didn't know.
I don't consider noob or nucklehead insults, but then again, if you want to insult me, you know where to find me.

Also, I never post in this forum so this is the end of the conversation. Sorry if you got exited with the post.

i admit the commercial was a big mistake, will you admit your hypocrisy?

I admit my hypocrisy GAMEBRED...Yes this is a public forum and questions of this nature are appropriate. Now that all the mea culpas are over can I get back to my own auditions?

By the way Gary Recupero belts never meant anything to me when I first started BJJ and they won't anytime soon. I'm at Eduardo's also so now we both know where each other train and I plan on stopping in to train at Dave's sometime soon anyway. Nice to meet the other 1/2 of the GB family anyhow.

I don't think either myself or Vergon asking the question was in any way wrong.  I don't think Eduardo ever did the Mundials --at least that I know of.  Like I said, I remembered that David did the mundials and wondered how he did. I'm sure he did great.

BJJMadMonkey jumped the gun and took it the Vergon's question the wrong way. 

Great commercial Rob! : )

"EDIT OOOH I see now... Raspado made that similar thread before this dude did."

You nailed it!

Evenso, I should have exercised more self restraint...I'm still working on my overall character.

Standard Adonis post:

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LOL!  You gotta love the guy!

Let me clarify for you

Do I give a shit of what your opinion is: No!

Is the question appropiate: who cares


Now I'm really scared....

Oh for Christ's sake can't we ever get past this shit on here???!!! 

I'm done, no more talking about nobody.

cool with me.

Cool--unless it's to make fun of me or Ben.  Then by all means.

This one time at band camp....... oh!

I might have been there for that one.