Educate me about NFL

If I want to get in to following NFL. Whats the best place to start so I can understand what the fuck is going on.

Explain the positions, formations etc

Give me a team I can follow. Not one that is so shit there is no point following or one that is going to cream everyone. Give me one that will make it interesting.

I am english so all we know about NFL over here is the Fridge.

However I like rugby and the highlights of NFL I catch on sky are usually enough to keep me interested.

Like cricket NFL seems like one of those sports that is'nt a pick up and watch sport but needs a bit more time investment

Baltimore is trendy right now.

I just watch the cheer leaders.

I'll field this one guys.

Sean, it's basically rugby for gays.

What is with all the numbers at the start before the "Hut, Hut!" bit?

rugby with steroids and pads and much more complicated rules.

Lol at rugby not having steroids

Well, purely specutation, but the players in the NFL sure look like they use their steroids more effectively than rugby players. Maybe they can afford better stuff. Do rugby players get piad lots of money?

Three words are all you need to know:

DA Bears



As someone who was born and raised in America, allow me to explain it to you: It's a silly game where men fall down, get back up, and then take a short break to plan how they are going to fall down again.

Repeat for 1 hour.

Oh... and don't forget to include idiotic commentators who say "There's a flag on the field!"

Its actually not that dificult to pick up. Ive seen maby 3-4 games per year due to living in europe and have no Football culture or background where I live. The most important thing is understanding the positions then what type of action you do from where on the field the neuances fill in themselves the more you watch.

Slowshot is right, though, American football is insanely complicated. There are tons of rules, tons of penalties, tons of strategies, that all collide at once in 2 to 12 second plays.

People that don't understand it will complain about the downtime between plays, but those people do not understand the intricacy and planning involved in these plays. Think of each play like an extremely fast and full contact chess match.

It will likely be difficult to learn from the ground up unless you are really interested.

BTW, right now, the playoffs are going on, so there's only a few games left in the season. After it's over, it won't start up again until September.

As far as teams, well.. he's right about the Dallas Cowboys. The New Orleans Saints is another team that a lot of people are getting into right now because they've historically been one of the worst teams in NFL history, but they've recently gotten very good and all the hurricane Katrina drama makes it interesting.

There is also a lot of interest in the Tennessee Titans right now because, although their record isn't that great, their rookie quarterback has recently been doing extremely well and they seem to be on the rise. Their quarterback, Vince Young, was an astonishing and very unorthodox QB in college and he almost single handedly won the college football championship game last year. He struggled early this year when he moved to the NFL, but he has improved a lot.

You can check to see team's records. To give you some ideas, some teams that have the potential to do well, but are not without major flaws, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, NY Giants, NY Jets, St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The best way to learn football, This is from experience is to play MADDEN 06, or 07. You will learn all the positions quickly and how the strategies worked.

I was confused as hell on everything, but once i started playing the game it taught me everything i needed to know, and it was fun as hell.

SEriously that is the best way to learn, its the closest thing to actually playing the sport

Isaac298 may be right..

"To give you some ideas, some teams that have the potential to do well, but are not without major flaws, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, NY Giants, NY Jets, St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers."

Umm, the Pats have won three super bowls and are in the playoffs again this year about to win their 4th ;)

I'm convinced that the best way to learn about how football is played is to play Madden video games on PS2/XBOX. If you learn to play that game, you'll understand football very well and will be able to fill in the gaps easily by watching on tv and surfing the net. You'll get a sense of the different formations and who's doing what to make plays work.

Also, the Steelers are by far the best organization in all of American sports. They don't hire and fire in response to every little bump in the road, they focus on defense, they don't pay huge money for spoiled free agents, they're an important and respected part of the community, and they wear black.

Here is the Patriots 2003 playbook read it through before you watch your first game.

OK here is an exercise for those familiar with both codes of contact football.

If you were to take the Great World Cup winning side of 2003 and turn them in to American footballers, considering their physical attributes, where position would you try to convert them into?

15 - Lewsey

14 - Robinson

13 - Greenwood

12 - Tindall

11 - Cohen

10 - Wilkinson

9 - Dawson

6,7,8 - The Holy Trinity (Back, Lawrence and Hill),-Dallaglio-&-Hill.jpg

5 - Grewcock

4 - Johnson

3 - Vickery

2 - Thompson

1 - Woodman

Also I dont think it is that NFLers use steroids more effectively, more rugby players have different physical requirements i.e they cant get too big