edwin haislett ring generalship


--How to Box a Tall Opponent--

This situation is often encountered. A tall man has more to protect, often he is slower and therefore there are more openings. However, to offset these disadvantages, the tall man has reach and probably considerable power.

In general, the best plan is to keep moving in and out, in an attempt to draw a left lead. On the lead, slip in fast coutnering hard and often. Once in, place the forehead on the opponent's chest and force him backward and off balance. At the same time lift short arm jolts to the solar plexus.

One method of deception is to gradually edge the left foot neare the opponent without altering the position of the head. With the stance spread it will be easier to reach the opponent.


--How to Box a Tall Man--

1. Keep moving. 2. Draw a left lead. 3. Slip to the inside guard position. 4. Commence infighting.