EFC in Lloydminster ? Anyone have info it ?

I heard there was a show in Lloydminster called EFC ? Has anyone heard of this show ? I think the last event happened sometime in the last week or two.

Thanks for any info (results) etc.

(Messed up the thread title....haha)

I heard something about this as well. Not sure who fought on it but some results would be cool?

it is a really good show. it sells out. over 3000 people at the show on march 14th, good fighters, good production, good venue, good cage. i cornered for an amateur fighter that my sponsors grew up with. had a great time. pat cote was there as a special guest as well. tim camelli defended his hw belt and won, allen hope won the lhw belt.

 Ive never heard of it. Thats awesome.

 Who sanctions this event, and which side of the border is it on?

no idea who sanctions, think its in alberta. comission seemed new, didnt even watch the hand taping...

apparently it is in saskabush, and is not sanctioned. word.