Effective Fat Loss Programs!!!

Interested in effective fat loss programming? Sick of the promises of magazine covers and slick infomercial ads?
I have been transforming people's lives for over 18 years and can likely do the same for you!! I have worked with many fighters (mma, wrestling, submission, boxing, etc.) and have competed a great deal myself in many combat sports.
If you are fed up with trying to piece together a program from all the left-over bits you have read, heard about, experimented with or studied, and you want real change, real results, right now, then drop me an email with your age, height, weight, and a statement of what would be the most important fitness related goal you could dream of achieving to powellsport@yahoo.com right now!!

how much?

Tough crowd. Can't we all just get along? :) Drop me an email LH, the consultation costs you nothing but time and I guarantee the consultation alone will become a valuable element in your training regime. Powellsport@yahoo.com



if you read my statement above again I think you will find that I make no outrageous claims or goofy offers. I am the real deal. I value my clients and their goals. Each client I work with, you must realize, sees their particular set of goals as a small piece of what they believe will lead to their fulfillment or happiness. I hold that in the greatest respect and continually pursue a higher level of education (theoretical and applied) in order to come through for them. They are the ones who do the work. I just offer direction, motivation, accountability and a sounding board for reflection. And when they need it, I kick their a__ in the gym too. :)



Jiffy Jeff.

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Losing weight is free.

the secret: eat less, work out more.

Thanks for all the emails so far! I will be able to develop programs for all of you within the next couple of days! For those of you who haven't got in contact with me, get in early! This is not a template model of training! It is very personalized. I do use templates to make the workouts easy for you to understand and apply but each workout and nutritional program is different.

Martin, by that logic, seeing them in person is also a template. By template, I am saying that I am not plugging them into a "cookie-cutter" formula that just spits out a program based on a minimal number of factors. I assess and reassess constantly and am available for feedback from my clients unlike a true "template" model. Thanks for your input and I encourage you to email me and spend some time conversing on these and other topics! :) Powellsport@yahoo.com


I hear the best thing for losing weight cardio wise is to run first thing in the morning before you eat. Only thing is I can barely get my ass out of bed in time for work.

Thanks you have mail.



Nice, Erik!


jeff thanks for doing good things in the sport, ans for others, hope all is well willie mallard

Willie! How's it going? Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you, too!