Effectiveness of this keychain????


Would this even be worth buying? A plastic immitation brass knuckle? Doesn't seem like it would make much of a impact at 34 grams.

i guess it would help if you can connect with a clean punch...and just like real Knux a hammerfist to the skull in the right opportunity would work swell

selfdefenseforums.com always has posts on gadgets like that, I saw it on there quite awhile ago. Impact weapons have several functional advantages over empty-hand in general:
* length: reach
* length: leverage :increased tip speed :force
* weight (increased impact)
* rigidity: harder impact
* rigidity: limiting self-injury

When I look over these little plastic, politically-correct impact weapons, it tends to be more about 4 and 5. I always ask myself, first can I get it into my hand right away, the right way, when the guy is jumping me? and What advantage does this offer me over and above just carrying a nice solid pen clipped in my chest pocket? On the basis of these two questions, I have not decided to carry ANY small keychain-like impact tools. No kubotans, no plastiken, no koppo sticks, nothing. The one thing I would consider is a small clustered-LED flashlight with pocket clip, and I haven't seen one I quite like yet.

Presently, I carry a single small tac folder, that's it. Extendable batons are not legal for everyday carry in my area, I might otherwise consider that.

If you have a plastiken you can look at and handle in-store and you think you can make it work for you, great. All I know is it's not for me. I'm not a huge gadget guy. I feel more than safe with just a folder, an LED keychain, a cell phone, and my wallet under velcro.

But then again, I'm Canadian. :P It's mellow up here.

Im canadian too but stuff can happen here just as much as anywhere (depending on what part of canada obviously).

So whats the consenus on this object? Is it anywhere as effective as a brass knux?

Go with a Comtech Stinger. The most beautiful piece of plastic you will ever own.

Comtech Stinger?

Comtech Stinger:


A Special Forces guy gave me an Impact Kerambit (also known as a Travel Wrench) whilst I was teaching them in Korea.......designed by Kelly Worden.

It's my everyday carry "toy" now


Impact Kerambit and Stinger are very popular, and often recommended on gadget-oriented sites like selfdefenseforums.com. I just don't identify with them at all. One folder is good for me.

Impact Kerambit is a flat L or J a bit bigger than your fist, and is passed off as a massager or tool (hex wrench or something). Comtech Stinger is a little thing that protrudes between your fingers when you make a half-fist. To me, they don't pass the pen test. Pens are pointy. They're useful. They have a pocket-clip. You cap the top with your thumb.