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Alexandre Izidro vs Marcio Gomez

Alexandre 'Xandinho' Izidro from Brazil is an MMA fighter (6 - 5 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)) that fights in the UK circuit. He also is a veteran of March's 10k Ground Clash in London.
He took on Marcio Gomez who is a black belt from Gordo who teaches and trains in the UK. This was a battle of Brazilian lightweights.

Pedro Bessa vs Jean Pierre Grizzo

Pedro Bessa is a regular at the Gracie Invitational and last year while fighting for TT Jiu Jitsu beat Gracie Barra's Carlos Lemos. This year he took on last minute replacement Jean Pierre Grizzo from BTT Belgium. Jean Pierre was not going to fight due to a rib injury, but decided to fight under the pain for his students and did not want to let down Pedro.

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