EFX at Myth (06-07-07)

Could someone please post the lineup for the show at the Myth on Thursday? Gavin or Nick G, maybe. Thanks in advance.

You'd have to ask Gamst to be sure, but this is the last one I saw for my guys-

4 man Welterweight Tourney
Nate Schut-Damage Inc       Troy Wellington-Bison
Gabe Wallbridge-Devils Den     Chris Finch-Gorilla Combat
4 man Lightweight Tourney
Brian Strain-Dream Team   Tom Ahrens-B.A.M.F.
Wes Ronchy-Superiors   Kent Nathe-Damage Inc
Eric Baste vs Derek Jost
Pete Donaldson vs Heath Roth
John De grif vs Torii Slater
Rico Washington vs Justin Cox
 Tim Reekers vs Frank Johnson
Travis McCullough vs Jeremy Lang
Randy Ronchy vs Al Litzau
 Main Card
Am. Lightweight Champ
Tyler Anderson (2 -1) vs Travis Reddinger (5-0-1)
Welterweight Tourney Champ.

Lightweight Tourney Champ. 

Come on, man. Isn't that the Randy Ronchy that was knocked out cold by Zach Wolff in 10 seconds? Why would he be put in with a professional boxer like Allen Litzau? Rest of the card looks pretty good though.

Ronchy isn't a bad wrestler and it's Litzau's mma debut.  Ronchy is a scrappy kid, I think he'll do fine

NOBODY in the boxing or mma community has mentioned Allen Litzau turning pro... I'm stunned. Are you guys dealing with Bob Van Syckle or is the kid his own manager now? Litzau's wrestling is quite bad, so maybe you're right. Darby Smart wants a crack at Allen again, how about putting that one together?

I was under the impression that Allen Litzau was to be boxing on June 15th at Roy Wilkins for Tony Grygelko... Am I mistaken?


Randy Ronchy was obviously very clearly out of his league-  Did I mention that not only did he submit Al, he fucking rocked him right before he did it.  Al actually shot on him.

Great card at the Myth last night.  There's going to be great things for the athletes-  Good for MN


Troy Wellington def Nate Schut rd 3 armbar

Gabe Wallbridge def Chris Finch rd 2 choke

Brian Strain def Wes Ronchy rd 1 choke

Tom Ahrens def Kent Nathe rd 2 choke

Eric Baste def Derrick Jost judges dec. the fight of the night

Heath Roth def Pete Donaldson rd 2 TKO

Justin Cox def Rico Washington judges dec

Frank Johnson def Tim Reekers rd 1 tko

John De grif def Tim Sho rd 1 ref stop to cut

Jeremy Lang def Travis McCullough rd 2 choke

Randy Ronchy def Al litzau rd 1 choke in what I was told was the mismatch of the year. Randy tagged Al twice off the bell and never let up. Randy also took Nat McIntyre down and hung with a trainer from the MMA academy. Maybe the best 3-8 135 pounder out there.

Cade Buzzell def Jaxon Mason rd 1 armbar. Cade got rocked with a kick to the head. Jaxon went in for the kill and Cade pulled a sweet armbar out of his ass.

Travis Reddinger def John Sorenson rd 1 RNC.

Gabe Wallbridge def Troy Wellington rd 2 armbar to become the EFX welterweight ammy champ

Tom Ahrens def Brian Strain rd 2 RNC to become the EFX Light weight ammy champ

Thanks to all the guys for laying it on the line for EFX. Guys all fought with heart and determination.

Special thanks to Doug Scribner our video guy for busting his small balls to create a really cool production scheme, the 'mock' commission guys who spendt their thursday nigh working for free to help with the transition into a commissioned sport, Mike Reilly of Team Bison for not only preparing his fighters for war but all his work on transitioning our promotion for the incoming commission.

Mike works harder than anyone I know for no pay or no glory. Most people have no idea what he does for the good of the sport and have even less appreciation. I on the other hand will tell you he single handedly created a set of guidelines the state will either utilize or abandon but he still did it and did it ina manner that is completely fair to fighters, trainers, promoters, etc. Thanks Mike.


I almost forgot WEC and UFC vet Brock Larson for reffing. Chris Barrera who also coached his guy in the tourney for reffing the undercard, Nick "the goat" Thompson, BJ Lacy, and Carl Larson for judging. Big Poppa for driving five hours each way to announce the show.


Allen Litzau is still very upset. He said that there was a clause in his contract that stated the fight would be stood up after a certain amount of time on the ground. He was signaling to the ref to stand them up, not tap. I don't even like the kid, but I buy his story.

Also, how can you possibly have a deal like that when Litzau is a professional boxer? Thats basically just a boxing bout with 4 oz gloves.

Was this a commission sanctioned event? 

If so, how can you even have such a contractual clause in an mma event?

"He said that there was a clause in his contract that stated the fight would be stood up after a certain amount of time on the ground. He was signaling to the ref to stand them up, not tap. I don't even like the kid, but I buy his story."

If you buy that, I also have some magic beans you may be interested in. $100 a pop, lol. Litzau got rocked, shot in and was put into a guillotine immediately. And he tapped because he was getting choked. The only person he should blame is himself for overlooking the guy he was fighting and for having shitty jiu-jitsu. But I guess it is easier to come up with perhaps the lamest excuse I have ever heard and cry about it than accept responsibility. That way, you can remain undefeated in your head and never have to train to improve. Who needs to improve anyway?

Why would a marketable pro boxer get in the cage without a clause like that? He has two years of experience wrestling from high school, thats it. He's also said in the past that the only way he would ever get in there is with a standup clock of some sort. Like I said, I don't like Litzau whatsoever, but I believe he wouldn't be stupid enough to get in there without a standup clause. Ronchi just fought Zach Wolff in a standup only bout in Sommerset just last month. It happens.

I suppose you have seen the contract.

Al should be upset that he got rocked by a guy who has never boxed. Excuses are for people who never accept responsibility.

For shits and giggles...If this was a standup match, and it was, both guys agreed to stand up and bang. How much time should be alloted on the ground? Why would one guy take the other down? Should the fight be stopped if one guy gets punched, falls down, and the other guy jumps on top to finish? Al got fucking ROCKED, took his opponent down, landed in a guillotine choke (by a guy who thinks jiu jitsu is a type of knife) and tapped in like 4 seconds.

HE LOST. He should be pissed at himself. The ref would have stood them up if there was no activity on the ground or if there wasnt a clear ADVANTAGE by another fighter. As I said if Randy would have been rocked by Al and Al jumped on him should Randy have jumped up and said "you were supposed to stand us up"...PLEASE.


Then why is Litzau shooting? And if there was just a time limit for how long it could be on the ground, I am certain it was under that amount. Litzau shot and was immediately in the guillotine. And what is the ref supposed to do, stand the fight up as he is in a submission?

And bullshit he tapped because it was over the time limit. He tapped because he was being choked.

anyone know the anwer to my 2 questions?