Egan and Enson

To every one else who thinks negatively of Egan, here is my perspective. I am a good friend of his and I have spoken to him about all of the situations mentioned in the other threads.

First of all it is not about being pissed that Enson lost against Frank or Mino. Against Frank he did it because he was concerned for his brother because he felt that the ref wasn't controlling the situation after the knockdown. He did not mean for Frank to fall on his head, he only wanted to prevent any kicks to his head. Here is a quote from Egan that was from an interview in one of the MMA sites:

"If you go back to the videotape, you'll see when Enson gets knocked out, the referee's trying to restrain Frank, and he didn't look like he was going to be able to," Egan pointed out. "Plus Enson got hit another time after he was out. And I figured if the ref couldn't get Frank off, I definitely [have to]. I didn't try to hurt Frank or anything. I actually tackled him is what I did. I didn't go in there trying to kick him or punch him, I just wanted to stop him." Egan and Frank still joke about the incident.

Regarding the Mino fight. First of all in plain english - it had nothing to do with being pissed that Mino beat Enson. It has nothing to do with being afraid of BTT. If you watch the fight, the referee kept looking at Enson's corner while Mino was choking Enson.

After he finally stopped the fight he was leaning over Enson and trying to figure out what to do. Egan went into the ring and pushed the ref who was squating down over enson so that he could take out Enson's mouth piece and to revive him. Because He was squating he rolled over backwards which made look alot worse than it was.

This nothing to do with being sore losers or anything like that. It was concern for His brother. As mentioned above the 2nd guy to push the referee away was way out of line. Enson came on this forum and appologized for what happened.

Regarding the Tigre fight. It was Relson who kept taunting Enson during the fight. Prior to that Enson thought that he an Relson had a good relationship. This almost lead to a riot. Relson also taunted Egan and Enson after another Superbrawl.

Regarding the Relson tourney (being disqualified because if his gi), it was the same GI that egan used at the Mundials. Everyone knows that Relson tourneys are run to favor his students. I have been to a few of them and the brackets are changed to favor his students even after the tourney already started.

As for what happened between Egan and Relson, I don't know all the details. But we used to roll with Egan at his house for fun. He never charged us anything. There was also some of Relson's current Brown/Black belts there rolling with us too. Egan never set out to form his own school until after the shit with Relson started.

If you watch some of the videos of Ensons fight, it was Egan who helped hold back Enson from Joe Estes. When Enson beat Couture, it was Egan who checked to see if Randy was OK before congratulating Enson. Egan held back Kid on Friday after Kid pushed the ref.

In my book, Enson and Egan are great guys. Most down to earth people you will ever meet. Of course, when you look at all of the situations toghether it might not look good, but each of the situations has it's own circumstances.

I know they are going through some tough times now, but I know they both have the skills and desire to get back to the top.

PS - People flame away, but I will not respond to any replys. It is wasted energy and time. This my last post eva. Damm I didn't even hit a 1000 (in 3+ years) lol.

I feel for you.I think the shit about the Inoiue brothers is blown way out of proportion.They are two of my favorite fighters and always will be.Some people do way worse things in teh ring but since they are posterboys they don't get the criticism for it.


"It doesnt matter how much explaining you do...some people just cannot accept the fact that people think differently and that there is no completely "Right" way of thinking...."

I can honestly say this is the most insightful thing I've ever seen posted on

unforunately you can't make the same exucses for kid yamamoto.

and there may not be a right way of thinking but there is definately a right way of acting.

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ahh fuck it, Egan was always one of my favorites even over Enson.

i support them now and forever.

I appreciate you speaking on behalf on your friend. Given the situation when your in the heat of battle like a fight, emotions are high, adrenaline is pummpin as well as testorone, and shit happens.

also when you say "it was Egan who helped hold back Enson from Joe Estes"... that doesn't really help enson's case too much. why should his brother have had to hold him back?

"and there may not be a right way of thinking but there is definately a right way of acting"

well if their is no right way of thinking, your certainily not going to be acting the right way becaue in their mind they are not acting out of line because they think what their doing is ok.

actions need to be justified. you can't just appeal to some sort of shitty moral relativism and say that an action is only 'different' when it is clearly wrong upon reasoning it out.

and i watched the frank clip just now... the ref didn't have it under control when egan decided to jump the ropes but by the time he got to the other side of the ring there was no danger to enson. the action was clearly vindictive.

"PS - People flame away, but I will not respond to any replys. It is wasted energy and time. This my last post eva. Damm I didn't even hit a 1000 (in 3+ years) lol. "

To this, I say:

Whatever, BRO

buddy, it isn't just pushing refs around. egan spiked frank on his head, both enson and kid have continued to beat on the opponents after the fight is done... where does it stop?

frank was punching enson on the ground BEFORE egan got into the ring. by the time egan went for the tackle, frank had clearly stopped throwing punches, and was in no position to throw any sort of kick since the ref was between frank and enson. watch the clip on sherdog's.

the line is drawn when the fighter resists the ref trying to pull them off.

Does anyone know where i can view the entire fight. Is it on any type of DVD for purchase. (frank vs. enson)

i dont have anything against either of them personally...but the fact remains that too many times these things have happened at both of their fights and it shouldnt be

The clip of the Frank v Enson fight is at Sherdog. It shows the knee Enson took in the face to get knocked out and the aftermath, including Frank on his head.

Is this fight on the rites of passage dvd. I heard it was????????