egg in ramen..

i saw a post somewhere on here about egg in ramen and now i can't find it.. i was curious to know what the trick of adding the egg directly in to ramen was since it sounded kind of good.. i remember frying it and placing it on top or cutting it up and adding it, but i love egg drop soup and figured that maybe this would end up possibly being like that.. i don't remember who did this or if someone could direct me to them, but any help for my dinner would be great.. thanks!!

This is an easy ramen addition. While your ramen is boiling crack an egg and stir it in. It cooks very fast!

You can do the above or just crack it over the bowl of steaming hot ramen. I usually add two sometimes three eggs. I love it. Good with Udon ramen too.

Also, if you're doing while the ramen is stil lin the pot, you can bury it under the noodles and let it cook whole so the yolk stays kinda liquid inside, or just stir it in. Both are delicious.

use quail eggs if you can find them

hmm.. well thanks for the help.. i went ahead and just cracked the damn thing into the boiling water without any guidance and it was really good.. glad i did it.. thanks for the advice... any other ways to do it?

OK I dont like too much soup with my ramen when I have it, so I first boil the noodles, when they are soft drain 3/4 of the water or more, then I add in the powder, dry veges and a few eggs. hmmmm !

that sounds interesting..