Eggs & Cholesterol?


Ive heard alot about eggs causing high cholesterol, whats the general consensus?

I tend to eat eggs most days, is that a good thing?


You shouldn't consume more than 300 mg of Cholesterol per day.

One whole egg has 200 mg.

Im not aware of a cholesterol problem.

Logic, what about egg whites?


I read a study that 1-2 yolks a day does won't raise your cholesterol... assuming you are doing everything else right.

Cholesterol maintains the integrity and viscosity of cell membranes, as well as being the precursor for many (if not all) sex hormones.

Dietary cholesterol is important, just dont go crazy, and if you have a cholesterol problem, listen to your doc.


Oh, I'm stayin out of this one.

Nothing at all, Nowinfu (and stop calling me doctor, I've retired from the destitute and highly stressful field of Brewology and returned to school), but I've seen this one get as fired up as the fasting and chiropractic arguments, and quite frankly I got finals to study for :P

It's the Ravnskoff stuff I don't care much for, actually.

But I'm staying out of it :P You know more than I do anyway.

I agree that the Ravnskov page looks like your typical internet BS

ehh screw the doc 3 eggs a day and youll live forever

In that case ill eat 6 a day!

my anecdotal evidence:

last year, i stopped eating egg yolks (i eat about 3 eggs a day).

my cholesterol fell from 169 to 128.

even when i was dramatically exceeding the recommended cholesterol intake, my cholesterol was still safely in the normal range.

i would guess genetics and exercise must play a role.