Eid Mubarak

May all of you have lots of good stuff in your lives.


Enjoy the festivities, I’m not Muslim but I wish you and yours well as you celebrate the next few days.


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Peace be upon you…

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Asalamalakam my brother

Is your date on the left or the right?



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Dates are the other Eid. We eat Goats to celebrate Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his son for God.

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shouldn’t it be IED?


Abrahmic’s Unite! Jews, Christians, Muslims, all worship the same dude. We we could just focus on that a bit more. Happy holidays.


It would be a lot easier to acheive this if muslims weren’t so goddamn intolerant. ^


Amen brother

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Indonesia is the largest muslim country on Earth. and Tolerance is literally one of hte constitutions 5 founding principals.

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Woah unbelievable …so that’s why a friend of mines 13 year old daughter got raped by an Indonesian immigrant who was also in this age range.

You are only creating this thread because you know that we are all open minded smart people in our own right, and we see for ourselves the blatant intolerance/nepotism/segregation and facism within the ideology.

Overall I would say the OG gives this shit 2 thumbs down it’s one thing that so many more of the young kids are being taught to embrace this islamic bullshit in schools…like this is some islamic state??
It’s another to see this here on the forums on a weekend at that lollll.

But at the end of the day I suppose you’re just wishing others the best and I have to respect that.

I wish the best for you, I hope you repent and stop living life as a sinner under the “God” with a vengeance.

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White redneck chiming in here… What about the christians who rape and molest people? There are a whole lot of those folks. Do we blame it on their god and the culture that that Christian churches have instituted?

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Yes, but what percentage of them are there, best case? 5%? tops?

ALL muslims like fucking sheep and little boys, any Marine that has stood guard duty can tell you that.

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Same for Catholics.

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Back at you, OP.

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