Einsturzende Neubauten

just returned from Einsturzende Neubauten.

there's a reason they're legendary.

the show was fascinating and exhausting. their work spans all the emotions of human experience, and it was all represented in tonight's show. in typically challenging style the highs and lows, both of volume and of intensity followed one another closely. E.N. has always impressed me with their ability to go from whisper quiet lullaby to crazed machinery of noise in the space of one album, or indeed in one song. that they could convincingly pull this off for 3 hours, and 2 encores, and keep the audience enthralled is a testament to their genius.

the setlist was mostly derived from their new album, Perpetuum Mobile, and much of what they played was unknown to me. judging from what i've heard i'll be purchasing the album with as little delay as possible. i did recognize Alles, Sabrina, Ende Neu and one other song i cannot for the life of me remember. there may have been other familiar old hits mixed in there that i may have recognized in their studio versions, but which were lost to me here. i assume that the configuration of pipes, sawblades, and assorted metal bangables changes quite often, changing the sound of the band as it does.

speaking of "found" instruments: Jeezus! these guys are the masters! i mean: packing peanuts?? who'da thunk it?

so, in conclusion, it was a great show, and if you have the opportunity to catch these venerable masters of Melody and Cacaphony live i highly suggest you do so. (especially since there was some suggestion that this will be their last tour for quite some time.)

p.s. i was planning to slobber Blixa's knob for you, Visc, but the line was too long. i thought of waiting, but i was tired, and i generally avoid sucking cock to begin with.

p.p.s. apparently those high pitched feedback/machinery squeal noises are actually Blixa himself. WTF? he's the most inhuman sounding part of the whole shebang!

That sounds awesome. I just went to order some tickets for wednesdays show here and they're sold out. I'll try buying some from the club, I gotta see this.

where did this thread disappear to?

there haven't been *that* many posts lately: it's the Soundground after all. . .

I'm going to see them in Vancity at the Commodore Ballroom tomorrow.Da,Da,Da!

let us know how the show was!

Bastard! The Commodore is one of the best clubs ever.

Too bad,I didn't go....!

I heard they were amazing.They even summoned up some rare local thunder and lightning outside for the encore,or at least thats what I would like to think!