Eisenhower's warning of threats to the country.

In his farewell speech,  President Eisenhower warned of 2 threats. I always knew about the military industrial complex, but not the 2nd one. That part starts at 6:40



Essentially he says there is a danger that those that control technology will also try and direct political discourse.



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For later.

Ike wasn’t wrong 


Just shared this to my Instagram. I tagged Tito Ortiz in it to get this to a wider audience. There are parts in this version I never heard about the technological “elite.”  Perhaps it just didnt resonate that loud in the time I heard it some 10 years ago. I was not aware of the burgeoning technocracy at that time and I believe Google, Facebook, IG, Twitter, Apple Microsoft and Amazon are the greatest threat to our republic and our collective consciousness 

I live in Florida and went home to New York this past week. I have not seen and did not see the horrors the media likes to portray existing everywhere. 

The world is VAST and there will always be small pockets of chaos, the key is to view the world as the world you see with our own eyes and not play into the attempt at creating fear cynicism and hatred amongst our neighbors of all races colors creeds religions sexualities and political ideologies. 

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