"El Guapo Likes to Dance"

For those of you who haven't heard it..."El Guapo Likes to Dance"
"El Guapo Likes to Dance Remix"
"I Wanna Chill"

Speechless huh?


Dude, the Best of Bas DVDs have that song on the title menu.... me and my friend threw that shit in, looked at each other, and exploded into laughter. I've never heard anything better, or seen anything pair up as well as that song and Bas's smiling face on our TV screen.

I'll never forget that.

ttt for later

ttt for later as well

hahahahaha. that was great.

thanks for the fight songs, where can i get more..

Man that is some funny ass sh*t Jacob whats up buddy why didn't I see you at Sportfight?? what have you been upto budy? Email me at the tough1@comcast .com


OMG!!!!! I have heard the El Guapo like to Dance on the DVDs, but the I wanna Chill song is fucking GREAT!!!!

i wanna chill


Bas Hung!!!

Your new American Idol!!

Holy shit, "i wanna chill" Is the funniest shit I've heard since the "I'm Rick James" skit on the Chapelle show. It's actually pretty good. I will not be able to look at pride the same.

*breaks neck getting into red dress* :-)

lol, Bas singing "i wanna chill" to momita in her red dress, and him in his red boots.

Just one more reason Bas rocks.