can you guys recommend some places where i can get some heavy duty elastic/rubber bands like the kind ross enamait uses. i wish to use these for barbell squats and boxing exercises. i'm not looking for the theraband (physio rehab) type but real heavy duty ones. sorry if this type of topic has been posted before but i don't look on here often. thanx for any info. dave


thanx guys

 I second Iron Woody. I think that they make the best bands out there. Very good prices and excellent customer service. You can't go wrong with them.


Another vote for Ironwoody - quality product, good price and fast shipping.

We sell them on my gym's webstore also:

Rubber Bands - Petranek Fitness Online Store

thanx. ring girl i just checked out your 'my-space'. top stuff. keep up the good work.

Thanks for checking it out, Dave! Hope you have an awesome day! :)