Elbow block

I think that there's something wrong with my elbow block. I rely on it heavily to block everything from a heavy right hand to the obvious round kick to the head. So I've been taught it a few different ways but the basics have been pretty similar; turn your shoulder towards your opponents chin, and lift your elbow up to a right angle as if you were fixing your hair or putting a rose in your hair (lol just the expression that has stuck)
Anyways, I'm still getting a little shocked with heavy right hands and round kicks, is this normal?

i suggest doing some neck strenthening excercises and if that doesnt work u might try moving out of the way... (try rolling with the strike instead of standing in front of the truck)

Yeah, that whole moving out of the way thing! I've heard of that lol

come on guys a little technical support from the vets on here would go a long way!

parry the stright right? maybe a lil' head movement? Also maybe stop going stright to putting your hands on your head to block (if your doing so).

sevenone, are you keeping it locked tight to your face or loosely away from it. That's the only thing I can think of that might make some difference.

The truth is, youre going to still feel the impact of a heavy strike. The block doesnt lessen the energy of the strike, just keeps it from conecting flush to a vital area. Also, your arms (most likely) arent thick enough to absorb all of the impact. If someone trys to hit you hard you're going to feel it.

^what SBB said!