Elbow Gifs

The elbow wether standing, clinched, against the fence or mounted elbows are one of the most violent things to throw at the opponent, remember Paul Herrera get put in a full crucifix by Goodridge. And been elbowed into oblivion? Show me some of your elbow ko GIFS UG! Fire away

It's pronounced "Bolivia", get it right OP. Sheesh Phone Post 3.0

I don't know how to post Gifs from my iPhone but the Weidman vs Munoz has to
Be up there.

Silva uppercut elbow is one of the goats Phone Post 3.0

In. Phone Post 3.0



MMA Playwright -
That's the one Phone Post 3.0


That right there is a classic absolute violence, take my VU Brother!

He's been workin on his ground game, just a little bit. Phone Post 3.0

The smith/Morris fight changed my life. So shockingly violent and brutal, and it happened so fast. 

Vrill - 

That shit gives me nightmares...

I remember seeing the goodridge ko live and thinking I had just paid to see a man get killed. 

MMA Playwright - 

That man must a been a fag!

DickNiazRasWobbed -
MMA Playwright - 

That man must a been a fag!
The fag from U.N.C.L.E. Phone Post 3.0