Elbow Problem - any exercises?

My left elbow got armbarred about 5 years ago - I tapped but the armbar was cranked and popped twice I think. Since then I had elbow problems that went away for the most part then came back. I got a prolotherapy injection which helped a bit. Problem is now BOTH elbows right and left have the same pain on the inside bone (if my hand was palm up, directly down from where my pinkee is) which is sensitive to the touch. It definitely gets worse if I am training more than usual. Is this a classic case of tendinitis or something else? What can I do to alleviate/help the problem? Any exercises, etc? Thanks!!!

If its for inflammation, try Indo - methacin. Need a prescription, but it worked kick - ass for me.

It's not unusual for armbars to take 6 months or longer to get back to where they were. This depends upon whether you are resting or using the arm. I like to rehab using ibuprofene to reduce the swelling and very light dumbells, 3#, 5#, 8#, 10#.