Elbow problem on heavy bag

I am starting to train on the heavy bag once again and after I throw a left hook to the body a few times my elbow starts to hurt like hell. The pain usally goes away after an hour or so, butI know it isn't supposed to be there in the first place.

Im 20 yrs old, 165lbs, and I am using 14oz everlast training gloves. The heavy bag is an 80lb everlast never tear. Also it seems that most of the "stuffing" has gone towards the middle and the bottom because the top of the bag doesnt seem to have very much in it anymore, but the bottom and middle seem to be harder than they used to be.

Are you doing any kind of warm-ups before hitting the bag? I would recommend a couple rounds of shadowboxing or something to get warmed up and see if that makes a difference.

The only place I have to hang a heavybag is in my garage, and this time of year that thing is about frozen solid LOL, don't know if you're experiencing that or not, but it's hell on my joints too. :)

Also, I think www.titleboxing.com offers a wraparound 'gel' type cover for heavybags, giving it a little softer feel.

My guess is that it is a mechanics problem.

What part of the glove/your fist are you making contact with?

Warming up is the key. When I throw straight rights at the bag without warming up, that little bone on the inside of my elbow starts hurting. For me, it has to do with turning the punch over.

I have this problem too. Whenever i land a full-blooded left hook on the heavy bag the inside of my elbow gives me a sharp pain, as if im pulling the tendon.

Luckily it never happens when im in the ring. :)

Without watching, it is hard to tell what is happening. I still think that it is a mechanics problem. There is no reason that you should be feeling pain like that.

Are you wearing wraps and gloves?

Tennis elbow

e.kaye is probably right. I don't see how you can hurt your elbow by throwing a left hook.

I wasn't trolling. The condition is known as tennis elbow. Google it or ask your family doctor for more info.

tennis elbow= tendonitis

i agree with rickymma and e.kaye.

people who usually get tennis elbow (in tennis, at least) are those who use more arm and less body, putting a great strain on the elbow. using more of the body also lets the body absorb some of the shock.