Elbow to the back of the head(pic)


It's from the Hughes vs Lytle fight. Seems like an intentional illegal elbow to the back of the head - close to the neck no less. Dirty tactics by Hughes?

looks like its illeagal to me, but its hughes they wouldn't call it on him, maybe joe riggs.

Lytle's tough to finish.

Lytle's only been stopped once, and that was by cut. And he's fought a who's who of welterweights.

That elbow is blatantly illegal. K-Taro's grazing elbow on Fickett that caused a 5 minute break in the fight wasn't nearly as bad as that.

Good to see spiking elbows from the bottom, watching A Silva drop them and get away with it has opened that technique up - shame Hughes was using them illegally to the back of the head though.

Old link is dead it seems. New one: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/xad/hughes_head_elbow.gif

from the angle thrown it shoulda hit the top of the head. but i guess pushing the head down caused it to hit an illegal spot. musta really hurt. renzo and gsp were ko'd by blows there

As I understand it, an elbow cannot come down vertically, which that one wasn't, but also can't hot that hole in the back of the head. I can't tell from the clip if it hit there or not. For sure it did not look intentional to me?

Clearly an illegal hit, but as the Fedor/Lindland controversy has shown, you could probably go through all the footage and find something illegal that Lytle did. Poorly aimed shots happen, and it's the refs call if they are unintentional or not...

I reffed that fight. It would be an illegal blow if it had hit the 2" area down the back of the head/spine. It appeared to hit his own glove or it could have been directed toward the trapezius muscle.Sometimes a fighter will turn his head as he is being striked & we will warn the striker after the first one. Tough call to make. Thanks, Mark

"For sure it did not look intentional to me?"

Is that a question, or a statement?

I know I'm not the best with grammer, but that seems like a statement to me.

It's a warning.