Elbows. Bad for Sport

Jesus Christ. That is bad.


fuck that dont go watch boxing, go watch pride( it's better)

I'm not really bitching. I was just shocked at the blood.

I just agree with Pride and the IFL on this subject. They cause cuts, they are cheap and can stop competetive fights. I posted this during the fight on TUF because I thought it was going to get stopped for sure. In this case no, but still

Amida, no.

P.S. I don't listen to anyone with less than 100 posts.

ttt for elbows

Punching causes more cuts then elbows, more KOs too. Should we ban punching?

Please go away. Less rules not more.

Interesting rule dilemma that I think actually occurred in a fight about 1 year ago. 

Fight continues because blood was not in Dewees eyes.  DeWees blood was pouring into Ray's eye though--he is moving around to avoid it at one point!


"Punching causes more cuts then elbows" wtf!? and ko's are a good thing, win by ref stopage due to cut is not

Of course any contact can cause cuts. Elbows rarely cause KOs. They cause a lot of fight ending cuts.

I would of felt horrible if Dewees got that fight stopped, he was dominating, becasue of one grazing elbow shot that didn't prove who the better fighter was, just how much Dewees can bleed.

I don't understand why people don't see where I'm coming from

"Punching causes more cuts then elbows" wtf!? and ko's are a good thing, win by ref stopage due to cut is not


This is what I posted on another thread. I will just copy and paste because you people are not worth writing for again.

God some of you guys are such fags. Why do you watch fighting? UFC has always been about the ultimate combat sport, not some pussified watered down point sparring shit. Making more rules only brings the sport closer to ISKA kickboxing on late night cable. Take your rule changes stick them up your asses and shut your little girl fucking mouths.

elbows good for sport

they dont need to get rid of elbows they need to be more prepared incase of cuts
the corner man should of wraped his head


UFC still has a lot to learn

Then stick to watching the IFL for the next year or two before it folds.

While we are at it, let's ban punching too, since many competitive fights have been ended by a lucky punch. Maybe kicks should be banned too, since they could cause a KO that would end an otherwise competitive fight.

I'm not a fan of them. They fucked up the great fight of Edwards/Stevenson...the best one on that card IMO.