Elden Ring, One of the best reviewed games of all time

And all talismans

This dude went above and beyond, gave me all the ashes of war and all the armors, weapons and talismans :joy:

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Dude just look up how to add the files yourself if you really give that much of a shit. You’re gonna get soft banned

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I think you only get softbanned if you pick up fia’s panties from another player, everything else is 100% fine

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Trust me bro you can dupe whatever you want on playstation. It’s the wild west out here

That is correct.

Well that’s stupid.

I’m trying to put up summoning signs. I’m big and strong I like to help people beat stuff.

But it keeps saying my sommoning sign have disappeared.

What am I doing wrong?

If you move far enough away from it, it’ll disappear.

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Especially if you go into a boss room or another summoning area. Just use that thing that gets you summoned automatically

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@evh today a coworker was telling me that those red spirits are mimic tear versions of other players who have recently beat that mission. So if you play in offline mode it should be a lot easier

^ ohhh k I can now confirm this. I just did the mission offline and beat it on the first try. Way easier

i only play offline. :frowning:

The one i fought was a maniac. Thought my mimic would be similar. Nope he was a let down.

Crucible Knight down at the Evergaol, yay got me a new spell: Tail

meh :frowning: it’s an incantation, need Faith for that and I’m focusing on getting my Int up right mew

Oh well, it was a good fight. I’m getting much better at rolling into enemies :slight_smile:

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Bout to do some duels. Just finished forest gump and am going to channel my hate for Jenny into murdering hosts of fingers.

Kinda drunk too so we’ll see how it goes

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I’m having a great time soloing all the bosses I summoned for the first time around


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Last run was less than 1h. Ran straight to margit, godrick, rennala, up the precipice to skip the lift, straight to morgott, detoured to get frenzied flame, straight to fire giant, maliketh and finally the ashen capital to get my last ending achievement. 80 arcane build with eleanors poleblade and dual hoslow whips. NG++


Hero of Zamor is dead baby and I got his cool Talisman :slight_smile: