Elden Ring, One of the best reviewed games of all time

noice, I never update my stuff in the ps4 because I’m too impatient to wait for loading, glad I did it this time.

what do I do to get 3rd talisman? does it pop at lvl 100? I’m 74

gotta do the ancient magics quest line. then you get to use ice barrage.

Sorry I feel like I have had 4 talismans forever…



You get a talisman pouch for killing margit, for unlocking 2 great runes and speaking to the crone bitch, and for killing Godfrey in the capital the first time.

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I killed Margit and I’m at 2 talismans so far.

Not sure what to do with them great runes but they look pretty.

Also rune arcs what them for?

You start with 1 talisman. So killling margit awarded you a talisman pouch, hence a 2nd talisman slot.
You unlock great runes at their corresponding (typically nearest) divine tower. Rune arcs activate an unlocked great rune you have equipped until your next death.

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just unlocked my 5th talisman slot.

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If thats true, im gonna hop back in the game and get a 5th talisman on BOTH my characters.

Finally made it to the Mountaintop of the Giants.

Getting king of sad knowing I’m got maybe 25% of the game left.


it’s the best & hardest 25% though.

game really stepped up for me there.

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If you REALLY want to screw around, I’d imagine Cheat Engine will allow you to have as many as you want. Just don’t bring it online if you make a mage that shoots glintstone pebbles like a minigun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Working my way up to ER.

I am going to beat all the souls games I own first. Got the DS1 remaster. Man, did I do a lot of shit the hard way when I had it on my PS3.

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yeah it felt kinda like it was losing it’s direction and then BAM


nuh uh

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I just found out this month, after playing every Souls game, that I don’t need to “zoom in” with the bow. I can just “lock on” and it with shoot things pretty well, lol.

I still can’t Parry…probably never will be able to do that…I’m just good at rolling and jumping away from attacks.


I finished the game with a fairly weak parry game. no problem.

Yeah, Elden Ring was the first “souls” game where I was able to defeat every boss with a strength/dex build.

I didn’t have the patience to learn and time parry’s.

The merchants got screwed worse than Brett Hart:

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I cant parry worth a shit and couldn’t get past Father Gascione after 20 tries.

It’s why I am starting at DS1. The first time through I was about 90% done.

It is fun to play it on an ultrawide screen.

Your toughest enemy in DS1 is the camera.

I wish I could buy 100 sacks of shit and throw them in Bloodborne. It would make things easier.

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