Elden Ring RPG

Killed the Fire Wyrm. He dropped a Moonveil Katana but this one needs 25 intelligence. I might add some level ups to my intelligence and use it later.

So you cheated because you’re too retarded to figure out how to play the game

We can pvp if you want on ps5 pussy


Godrick is a level 25-35 boss lol not level 98 u retardo


I got all excited until I saw that there were no quest markers. That’s more than I can deal with!

I’m trying to think of where I want to go in the game.

I found the way to Mt. Gelmir. I explored a little bit of that area.

I also killed a huge dragon this morning but he was asleep and didn’t even wake up to fight back which was weird. I thought he was going to wake up and start attacking after I wacked his tail a couple times.

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80% of the battle is trying to figure out what to do in this game. I don’t have too much patience to watch videos like I did with other similar games because they are long as fuck for Elden Ring.

I started a new character using the Prisoner class but I’m going to switch games for a day or two and play some Star Wars Squadrons.

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Are you sure that you weren’t just kicking some poor homeless person?

I killed a dragon guarding the key to the wizard’s HQ. I went in there, killed a giant wolf. His moves were exactly the same as the giant wolf from Dark Souls.

I killed the guardian knight. He dropped a decent shield.

Then I fought queen of the wizards. I spared her life though and now she can reset my stats if I bring her a special item. Since I’ve already built my weapons up, I don’t know if it’s worth it. This game is stingy with the proper smithing stones. The videos say you can go here or there and farm them but it hasn’t worked for me yet even when I use item discovery boost charm.

The wizard queen was a cool fight. She was the 2nd hardest. Margit, Wizard Queen, Godfrey in order.

I didn’t even get hit till she summoned a ghostly pack of wolves. All the sudden I was surrounded by them attacking.

I’m not going to list dragons after this unless I run into a super dragon. They are so easy, it’s not even worth counting them as bosses.

Now I’m turning the game off and will play Star Wars tonight

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Lmao @MWB having fun talking to yourself geek?Have read not one post from you on this thread haha. There’s already an Elden Ring thread, but you’re too much of a sensitive little twink to take the pressure of being called out for cheesing a boss and posting it while being proud of yourself for it LOL what did you expect for us to say? “ DAMN bro good job, you got skillzzz” NO haha Get good noob U SUCK. Lets duel add me in PS5 and let me take you to school :school_satchel:

Godrick at level 90???

You absolute squid


Your blocked by the way and I’m definitely better than you. I also know you’ve read everything I’ve written just based on your response.

You can say I cheesed the first boss but like I said, you can’t do what I did in 10 tries. Infact, it’s 100x easier to just fight him on horseback than it was to fight him the way I did the first time.

I guarantee at least one of you tried to “cheese” him using my strategy, got smoked over and over and kept it to yourself.

I guarantee more than one of you have cheesed through multiple areas of game and ran back to your Elden Ring nerds in the other thread and told everyone you beat it straight up. You sound like one of them since you are going so hard over a video game.

Every single one of you guys ran away and told me to run away and come back later to fight Sentinal. I actually stayed and fought him and found a way to win.

You guys need to get a life and grow up.

I don’t associate with people like you. I don’t act like a 10 year old onthe internet like I’ve seen you guys in the other thread and this was days before I had even gotten the game. You people are embarrassing.

Thats the last response I’m giving any trolls on here. I’m just going to ignore and block forever.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. This loser has come into my thread with 4 different screen names.

Why do you care how I choose to play a videogame. This is so important to you.

Someone saw this discussion, ran back and told everyone in the other discussion. Now these nerds are invading my thread.

I told you these Elden Ring nerds are worse than COD nerds.

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I’m ending the play by play on here

I’ve found a better place that I’m not going to name since these diehard Elden Ring nerds will surely follow me.

And I stand by it

Not a single one of you can “cheese” the Sentinal in 10 tries like I did at my level because you aren’t good enough.

What a fag


You suck, fuck outta here noob haha

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Hahah I had to come and see the Godrick at level 90 fucking noob fest


You’re the noob

And I never bragged about killing Sentinal. You guys all told me he couldn’t be beaten that early in the game and I beat him early in the game. All I said was I beat him and stated how and you nerds freaked out. You’re the ones that took it as bragging because I showed all of you up on my second day playing.

You guy’s told me he couldn’t be beaten. You said the devolpers put Sentinal there to troll new players. I beat him, none of you did. You guys all ran and came back later and still got smacked around after powering up your hero.

I can play the game how I want. If I want to build a powerful hero, thats what I’m going to do. And it didn’t take me long to do it. I don’t care about a challenges or how you feel the game should be played. I don’t care about platinum trophies or any of that. I just wanted to plow through the game and get it done with which is what I’m doing.

I read your a lot of you guy’s post and you guys are literally getting stomped left and right all through the game. “You’ll die thousands of times” is what you guys told me. It took one of you losers over a week to beat a particular boss. And you probably cheesed it and didn’t tell anyone.

I’m better than all you Elden Ring nerds and proved it on my second day and now you losers won’t leave me alone. Fucking pathetic insecure losers.

This is the exact same situation I’m in with the Elden Ring nerds

I beat Starscourge riding around shooting poison arrows at him on my 2nd try. Never got touched.

I believe that was the boss one of you spent a full week trying to beat :rofl:

You beat him with your special move that is not supposed to go through a castle wall but because there is a glitch (with the art) it does. You would then run inside said castle until the Sentinel de-aggroed rinse and repeat.

Of course he could be beaten that way it is just beyond cheesy. There are ways to use your environment to your advantage to beat much tougher bosses but they take careful repetition over 10-15 minutes of non stop fighting said opponent.

Of course you instead leveled up 100 levels at the gnome place and then went to dungeons level 25 and 50 and got bored because they were too easy.

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