Electric Bills Skyrocket Nationwide

Lol it’s saved me so much money. When I we lived in the rental, I was paying about 4-700 a month to keep the house cool. 900 in the middle of summer.

Roughly $500 last. Way up from normal but the AC was working OT. The pool also runs it up in the summer but last month was unusually high.

Just got my bill for last month.


Whew that was close, almost passed the $50 mark.

Even pay system? What the fuck is that? Sp you pay for electric you dont use?

No, it’s just level billing.

They even out the monthlies based on your prior year’s usage so you’re paying the same each month regardless of whether you use more or not.

Evens out in the end. Sometimes you owe a bit in December. Sometimes they owe you.

My last bill was in the low $300 range, which is a considerable jump. I don’t think we have ever had a bill over $200, or at least not by much.

My single pane windows in Florida are raping me.

Is everyone’s kW/h rate changing? Your Public Utility Commission will set the rates that the utilities can charge for your energy. In CA, public utilities aren’t allowed to profit from the sale of NG or electricity, they earn a set percentage of return based on the previous years updates to the grid