Electric pianos... ?

Anyone with any knowledge here?  Want to buy one this weekend but don't know what to look for / avoid.  I played a upright baby grand as a kid and want to get back into it but need something with a good sound and feel like the one I grew up playing.

I dont have a piano, but I would let you play with my organ.

"I dont have a piano, but I would let you play with my organ."


OP, in regards to electric pianos ive always heard its better to have a lobster on your piano then a crab on your organ.

Always better to have a smelly skunk on your piano, than an infested beaver on your organ, imo.

tjmitch - I dont have a piano, but I would let you play with my organ.


Does your organ have the feel of a grand one???

tjmitch - I dont have a piano, but I would let you play with my organ.

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Melissa -

Does your organ have the feel of a grand one???

My organ is grand AND upright, I think that's what you said you were looking for Phone Post 3.0


Well it depends on  what your budget is.

No idea what the range is, I was hoping to spend $500 or less but if that's going to get me a piece of crap I can go for more.

I work with a ton of bands in Vegas. They usually opt for the Yamaha CP-300, Roland's RD-700, or a Nord Stage Piano. All of these are way over $500 & I should mention that a lot of the criteria that makes stage gear "industry standard" probably doesn't apply to your situation. Just letting you know what a lot of touring pros use.

Fuck the Roland. They should stop making keyboards all together. Get a Yamaha CP-4 or S-90 XS. For the best information and all the pros go over to keyboard korner on the music player forums.

^Yes, my personal preference is Yamaha's stuff; I was just passing on what my contract riders say.

My wife has a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-153SG (I just stood up to look for you) and it sounds fantastic, but I am no expert. She has had this one for about 20 years and it has held up very well, and she plays it fairly regularly, as does my son now. I believe at the time she paid about $3000 for it. No idea what they go for these days, but I say go for it, you won't be disappointed. Try it out in the store for a while first.

Also, if you play sweet music while your guy lazes around on the couch having a drink, and you do it well...........it will get you laid, because live music is pretty hot!

This helps a ton guys, thank you.  No need to get anything good enough for on stage as this is just me alone in my living room playing but I want to make sure it's good enough I can switch over to a regular piano without too much difficulty. 

I can go up to a grand, with this info and links it looks like I can get a decent yamaha for that.  Definitely gonna go play some in a couple stores, this just gives me a little direction when I walk in there.

Looking at some of the prices listed here, I wouldn't doubt if you can get the same or better than my wife paid 3 grand for over 20 years ago, for about 500 to 700. 

Get a stage piano like the Kurzweil Artis


Here is a clip of my son playing the yamaha to give you some idea what it sounds like. He's 12 and started taking lessons last year.........it is so cool to see him just plop himself down as he is passing by and started belting out some tunes without any push to do so. Sorry the video is so small, but you get the idea.

Yes, we are aware he played that second song (whatever it's called) way too fast. He has learned to relax and play it right instead of trying to show off for me.

That sounds really good.  I tend to play Fur Elise fast as well, not quite that fast but still faster than I should :)