Elektra movie - comic adaptation

At the announcement of the ELktra movie, I figured it would be knida bad. After seeing the trailer for it, I had hopes that it might be better than expected. After reading the comic adaptation of the movie, I regret to say it's even worse than I had feared it might be.


The story is utterly silly. Elektra is revived by Stick after being killed by Bullseye. After training with the Chaste for a bit, she gets pissy and quits to become a freelance assassin, although we never get to see anything of that part of her life. She meets a kid on the beach one day, a teenage girl, and also the girl's dad. She gets all nice and comfy with them, only to find that the girl is marked by the Hand as their future champion, so they want to kill dad and kidnap the girl. Hijinks ensue, with Elektra battling several Hand assassins, including Stone (played by one of the Sapp brothers, I dunno if it's Bob or Warren), in spite of the fact that Stone was one of the Chaste in the book. Kirigi is also in the movie, but he's a little guy and pretty much a pussy. Additionally, Poison Ivy is one of the Hand's assassins. In a big fight at the end, Elektra waxes everyone by throwing sais into their heads or throats, but the girl gets killed. Elektra then pulls off the trick that Stone did with her in the comic and revives her. The little girl then joins the Chaste and Elektra walks off into the sunset.


At best, IMO this movie may be something like the Mortal Kombat movie - some nifty fight sequences but a childish storyline. There's very little character development, and much of the dialogue is cheesy. Critics are going to slam this movie, I can see it now....

i have not read it yet, but did check out the extras which marvel threw in to come up with a 5.99 pricetag.

akira yoshida's piece on the sai was IMO useless. maybe to the average comic book fanboy, that was good info, for MAists who are also fanboys, that was useless.

marvel also throws in the elektra entry from marvel universe handbook daredevil edition - although nice, probably aimed at movie fans cos true fans would have the MU handbook already.

the inclusion of the the b&w 8 pager (was it 8? i forget) was actually an ok idea. i have the original and it's magazine sized so it shrunk a little. i also have elektra saga, which miller weaved all the elektra parts from his run on DD and that 8 pager which got colorized. i forget the name of the mag, it's mentioned in the movie adaptation, it's something like BIZARRE ADVENTURES.

i will be reading this and hope i like it enough to see the movie/buy the dvd. thx for the review Ted.

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FD - your wish was almost granted - Elektra kills Stone by dropping a tree on his head. So, in essence, she does drop a big brown log on him :-P

If she were nude when that scene happens....I'd be first in line as well ;-)

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Who's Poison Ivy? I don't know much about elektra but haven't been a big fan of the comic book movie adapatations becuase they never stick to comic book origins.

Poison Ivy was a split-personality chick who factored into Ann Nocenti's run on Daredevil. Ivy was a mild-mannered, shy, sweet love interest for Daredevil, while Poison was a pretty vicious killer, and if I recall correctly served as the Kingpin's primary assassin for a bit (she also served him some other ways, too.....)

Poison Ivy was a split-personality chick who factored into Ann Nocenti's run on Daredevil. Ivy was a mild-mannered, shy, sweet love interest for Daredevil, while Poison was a pretty vicious killer

Isn't that Typoid Mary?


hangs head in utter shame at confusing villainesses who are not only from different books (Batman vs. Daredevil), but ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COMPANIES!

As penance, I guess I should now go read the Unexpurgated Life History of Bat-Mite. Multiple times.