Eli doesn't want to be a Charger.

Just heard Jim Rome talking about it. Archie Manning told the Chargers to draft somebody else because he would rather have Eli go to the NY Giants. Then the Chargers leaked it to the press.

So - Is Manning trying to get more $$$? Would he rather go to NY? Are the Chargers just saying this so their fans won't be mad when they draft Gallery?

Gotta love the pre-draft jockeying for position.

Your thoughts?

Updating my previous post - The rumor is that Manning's agent told the Chargers an asking price several million above what he told NY thus forcing the Chargers to trade out of the #1 pick. So - the talk is that NY will get the #1 pick for their #4, their 2nd round pick & a 2005 pick or Ike Hilliard. They expect a deal to be hammered out before Friday & Manning signed by NY before the draft.

San Diego is supposedly targeting Gallery at #4. Will he make it past Oakland or anybody who may trade up with Oakland?

Ahhh, the drama.

Marty needs to suck it up and just pick Gallery #1, be done with it, and concentrate on the later rounds. He's the guy who will help them more anyways, IMO. Manning won't do a thing behind the O-Line as it is now anyhow.

I doubt seriously that Gallery would be available at 4 if they trade down.

Eric - Very true. But you have to look at it this way also - San Diego fans are very fair weather in general. They EXPECT Manning, especially with the Ryan Leaf fiasco and missing out on Vick. Manning will put asses in the seats win or lose (for a while anyway) while some hick from Iowa playing offensive line won't, even though from a football standpoint he is the better pick for their strength - LT.

Well, if they continue to win 4 games in a season, it won't matter which marquee QB is getting pummelled behind a shittly offensive line---nobody will go see them anyways.

If you build a team that CAN WIN, people would be more likely to go, right??

Besides, Marty's job isn't raising attendance, it's putting a competitive squad on the field. With his system, which utilizes the running game A LOT, that team is much better served, and in a better position to win, if they get some O-Line help.

Besides, I don't think they were too broken up about Vick this season when LT went berserk every week and Vick wore a trendy new cast on the sidelines all year.

Chris Mortensen just said there are "reports" that if SD takes Manning first overall, he'll sit out the season.

If I'm Marty, that's my cue to either offer the pick to NY or take Gallery.

This is no suprise, because who really wants to play for the chargers?

They should trade down to 4, pick up a couple more draft picks and fill in the spots that they need. Want a QB? Both Roethlisberger and/or Philip Rivers should be available. Gallory would more than likely be available at 4 as well since the Raiders have a history of picking weapons early rather than lineman and the Cards would rather get another receiver to compliment Anquan Boldin... maybe Larry Fitzgerald or Roy Williams.

Well, at least, I hope it goes like that :)

Oh yeah, f* players and their dads/agents picking and
choosing where they want to play.

If Fitz is there @ #3 he is a Cardinal. Raiders may trade with the Browns or Skins. It's easy to say the Chargers should trade the pick, but if it were me I'd say FUCK MANNING. I would act like I'm gonna pick him anyway and then pick Gallery #1 at the last minute and let the Giants see if they can make a trade in 15 minutes with the Raiders to get Manning @ #2.

My NFL Forum sidekick is correct on all counts. Well done, Boy Wonder.

The Chargers should trade down to the Giants.Then trade down again.They need a bunch of picks not one player to turn this team around.Also u dont want Eli to slip to someone like the Raiders who happen to be in your division..I dont agree with the Manning's approach to this draft, but they hold the cards .

Eli needs to quit fucking crying who and the hell does he think hes trying to shot call.

Cousin Eddie is correct.

The Chargers will not pick Gallery, though. I think they'll pick Manning, against all logic.

With all the bad blood, I'm betting this will turn out to be Ryan Leaf part II.

Manning is no Ryan Leaf...