Elias Cepeda in support of pedophilia

Yes Faggyboy., there must be a sinister reason for hiding their profile. Who knows what evil is being stirred up on this dying mma internet forum by these anonymous posters hiding their join dates!

She was closer to 14 than 13.

Think that’s still illegal in his state of Illinois


He claimed it was his “Niece”

I’m not buying his excuse



at the very least you shouldn’t be able to hide your join date. However you can get around that with a quick search of their name. It will reveal the date of their first posts if you search under the date settings.


What a payhetic little faggot. “Wahhh, he wont show his join date!” What kind of man sits around whining about not b3ing able to see when someone joined an internet forum?

Way to go champ! Now we’ll have all their join dates!

Step 1: Find man crushes to troll on internet forums
Step 2: Get their join dates
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

And then what dumbass? Nothing.

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Youre right. Turns out it was your mom.

haha getting cheeky, you do way weirder shit on the internet you absolute lunatic.

did laugh at the ???/profit gag though

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What kind of ‘‘payhetic’’ man hides his profile on an anonymous off topic MMA forum?

Someone who is trying to hide their alt accounts.

You can easily defeat me by just not hiding your profile like some little girly man.

Also as you always seem to forget, it’s YOU who keeps commenting at me Elias Capedophile.

Then we find out for sure that it’s not a legitimate account but an alt. The exact thing you were trying to hide in the first place dumbass.

Serious question Elias, have you ever been medically assessed for Autism spectrum disorder?


Wrll since you finally asked, i started Handsome Couch since my old accounts of ElGuapo and Theguyonthecouch where blocked years ago and the other couldnt be accessed whe. The new forum seitchover happened. So i created this one as a combination of the two names. Then that fuckker Chris froze my account but it atat locked instead of being a limited freeze. So after a while i made rhe Attractive Sofa account. Then months later you popped up, saw an Elias comment that went to an old thread and latched on. Then youblooked even stupider when you found “my join date” and decided the Elias thread i posted in was my first one ever on here.

Now go on calling me Elias and using the same comments over and over again because you have no sense of humor and just copy ither comments about me you unfunny cocksucker.:kissing_heart:

It was the first one with your Attractive sofa account because there are no posts from it before that Elias thread.

As for the rest I don’t really care at this point. However please go and seek professional medical help Elias.



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Ill leave this here, since this is the thread where nobody can get tired of this jerk job getting humiliated. He tends to try following his detractors into less viewed threads where his abuse isn’t as publicly seen. This is where this cunts floggings should be displayed for all to see… Here cunty cunty…


And nobody cared…

And nobody cares…

Youre family must hate you too. God your life has to be so shitty. Illuminating what a garbage person you are requires no effort but yet its so amusing knowing how much you care.


Remind me again what ive done that has got you all upset and emotional? Please make it funny orbat least entertaining. Youre losing everyone else with all this pedo talk but no context, setup or payoff. Your trolling skills are shit.

Is this Elias or some retard playing internet idiot? Either way I think it is beyond clear what everyone’s issue with either of you is. I suggest you fuck off already , lick your wounds and ponder your miserable existence.


Whybasknquesti9ns you alreadu know the answer too. You dont even know why youre calling me Elias. Lol.

Fuck you phatbitch, i was on yhisnforum long before you were.

Youve reached “what Ive ever done to you?” Portion of your backpedaling now, whos the one thats upset? Guess Ive finally pushed you through your complète eemotional spectrum. I thought it would have been slightly challenging given the onlìne tough guy facade to you were teying to put out when you were just another anonymous scrub!Now yiur a known (pedophile) scrub, cousin-child fucker… I guess anything to take the attention off your shit “journalism” right? Youre a sick person,you need help. Accepting that is the first step scumbag…


Actually I was here 10 years prior to this join date - got banned by a white kinight mod fag. I was playboy- so beat it fag

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