Elite Cage Fighting pairs w/FFC!

I am happy to announce that the highly respected Freestyle Fighting Championship (F.F.C for those of you in the know)has agreed to allow the Elite Cage Fighting circuit (here in Indianapolis) to be a feeder event for future FFC's! Thank you Rob and Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Camp,

Whats going on? I heard you are getting in the ring soon...good luck!

I would also like to know who I would need to talk to about getting a few of my team mates into the Elite Cage Fighting?

Let me know ASAP...

- Dustin (rd-ware@sbcglobal.net)


Mike Camp why is your name green????? Does that mean that you have had a fight? I have not heard from you and big tony in like over a year. What is going on bro. If you've had a fight, e-mail me and let me know how it went!!!!! Let me know what you guys have been up too the last year or so. I look forward to hearing from you bro!!!!! Later, Johnathan Ivey


Contact Gary Hoyd for more information through the above site. 

does this FFC will start using a cage?

Ivey when you fighting again?



I will be fighting at 205 in March. Later guys, Johnathan Ivey

Ivey yes I have had 2 fights now. I am 1-1-0 coming off of a 36 second tko win. I am down to 275 lbs too! Dustin you can go through the website listed or call me as I am helping Gary and Phil with the show in addition to fighting on the card!

Mike, Is there any way, and i mean ANY WAY that i can get a copy of those 2 fights. I HAVE TO SEE THEM!!!!!! Come on Leatherface, hook your buddy up with a copy. I am proud of you bro!!!! Is Tony going to fight too? Are you training with Jason? I miss you guys.... I'm going to e-mail jeff and let him know you won your last fight in 36 seconds. YOU STUD!!!!!!! P.S How do you think my Redskins are going to look next year. I hope they can get that linebacker from the Longhorns this year in the draft!!!! I think Gibbs second year will be much better, his offence takes a while to get used too. Later, Johnathan Ivey


This is very exciting for us at Elite Cage Fighting as well.


Ivey email me at sidemount1@netscape.com and we'll chat bro!


Get that computer going Mike?


cant wait till april

Jonathan: your going to be fighting at 205?...what are you down to now?....

Thomas Jones
Mikeys Gym