ELITE fighter Tyler Toner Adds Another Title...

  Sorry for the late, very late, article and update as to Tyler Toner's continuing dominance and skyrocketing MMA career.

Front page article here for those interested.

Tyler Toner, ROF Featherweight Champion



Tyler is your guy from Colorado?



come on bro, any luck on the money ATT owes me from the bounced check from ticket sales?

$3,775. is a lot of money to me.

I know ATT has a lot of cash but its time to pay up for the fuck up.

 Shah, yeah Tyler is one of my guys.  Good luck on Saturday!!

Jamie, good judgment is once again escaping you.  However, since you for some reason believe that this is the proper forum to make your misrepresentations, I am forced to briefly respond and encourage you to rethink your tactics and respond to my previous request that you specify exactly what it is you believe your owed and why.

First, and this is VERY important for you to understand, American Top Team DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING.  At no point in time have you ever had any agreement, oral or written, with American Top Team. Don't poke that sleeping bear as I am sure that Dan, Ricardo, and Richie will respond harshly.

Second, if anything, your request should be directed to Knockout Fitness, LLC; a corporation that was dissolved back in September 2007.  A couple years ago I responded to a demand letter received by Knockout Fitness sent by you through your attorney.  Assuming that this is the same issue, the response from Knockout Fitness has not changed.

This will be my only response to this issue on these forums. If you have any information to support your position, I encourage you to forward it to me so I can review it with my client and we will respond accordingly.

Sorry Tyler...



Thanks Erik. Looks like Ill be fighting Ray Trujillo (4-0) out of Metro Fight Club in Huston, TX.

If Tyler is ever in Orlando and needs another body to work with let me know. I like working with guys who have a striking base. Its hard to find really good stand up sparring in a MMA gym.