Elite Grappling Championship ATL

Elite Grappling Championship hosted by Casca-Grossa Event Date: 22-Mar-08 Event Time: 08:00 Location: Jonesboro, GA, 30236-2501, United States Phone: 678-867-6812 Event Email: carol@casca-grossa.com Event Website: http://www.casca-grossa.com Event Contact: Carol Coronel
More Information, Event Schedule Weight Inns start at 8 am and last all day.

Rules meeting: 11:00 am

11:30: women's, kids, teens

12:30 - Absolute divisions

1:00 Men's No GI Starts

Event Directions MT Zion High School 2535 Mt Zion Parkway Jonesboro GA 30236-2501 Tel 678-867-6812 Telefax 678-867-6812




nice, ttt



Mt Zion High school 02-16-08 , Jonesboro GA , doors open at 8:00 , weigh in's are all days up to the time we call your division.

More info and pre-registration will be up shorthly.

TTT. Please call me i need talk with you....

Renato Tavares 754-214-2351





ttt for later

I thought we were going to have a northside location secured?

Don't think I'll make this one down there.


I was and am trying to get a high school in alpharetta, I could not happen for the 02-08 tourney , also this will more than likely be the location for the next NAGA.....



Not NAGA too!

Suwanee Sports Academy is a great venue. A northside Alpharetta location would be great. You should talk to Shawn Cavanaugh at Alpharetta High. He is the wrestling coach and a blue belt under Paul Creighton.

My understanding is that if they do it as a "fund raiser", it should be fairly easy to get it done.

Im on it along those lines.............

Alpha high its a great location.........if we can make it happen

Will be there!