Elite MMA tees April 2014 gym

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                                Elite MMA tees April 2014 gym

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                    <p><a href="http://elitemmashirtclub.com/" target="_blank">Elite MMA Shirt Club</a>&nbsp;is a unique&nbsp;service, offering customers a unique tee&nbsp;from a prominent MMA gym worldwide.&nbsp;Their goal when starting the Elite&nbsp;club was not to be another &ldquo;t-shirt&rdquo;&nbsp;gimmick, but a company for true fans that&nbsp;appreciates where the sport came from&nbsp;- the gyms. &nbsp;The fighters that grace the&nbsp;octagon don&rsquo;t just decide one day&nbsp;to be a fighter. It all begins in a&nbsp;gym.</p>

Elite MMA Shirt Club is proud to announce our Featured Gym for April, 2014 - ProElite
Training Center & Fitness from Sandwich, MA.  If you’re sick of winter and looking to head to a vacation spot then Cape Cod in Massachusetts is the place to be.  With a population of 20,675 on the off season which doubles during the summer months, Sandwich, MA is the oldest and most picturesque town on Cape Cod.  Its center is comprised of beautiful refurbished homes that are currently converted to inns, quaint stores, and eating establishments.

While Sandwich may be rich in history and tourist attractions it is also known for an Elite
MMA training facility.   This 2,400 square foot facility is stocked with a cage wall and tons
of Revgear supplies. Pro Elite is the place to train for any enthusiast.   Director and head
instructor of Pro Elite, Scott Rehm teaches the boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing and
conditioning classes.  Although not taking his first pro fight until the young age of 39, he
is no stranger to the MMA world.  He has been involved with the camps of UFC vets Kenny
Florian and Jorge Rivera.  As quoted  by UFC vet John "Doomsday" Howard "Scott Rehm is one of the best in the business and has taken my striking to the next level.  He has been one of my secret weapons and the key to my success.   He is a guy that helped me get back into the UFC.

One of the reasons he is one of my best coaches is because he has been in the cage with me not only as a coach but as an opponent.  Scott can break down my game both from inside and outside the cage."

We had the privilege of catching up with Scott Rehm prior to leaving for UFC 172 where he was heading to do his second job, Cutman for the UFC.  “Pro Elite is a Legit MMA gym” Rehm stated.  “All are welcome to come down and train with us, we are an open facility with knowledgeable instructors and staff.” Pro Elite has been around since 2009 and has continued to grow its student base each year.  One of the perks of training here is that they
understand the need for cross training and have welcomed others to their school such as,
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion Carlos Machado and Tim Burrill.   “A true MMA gym offers a variety of options, we also bring to our facility a phenomenal strength and conditioning program,” Rehm stated.  “Along with many local professional MMA fighters, in the off season we are also the home of multiple NHL players.  They come to the cape for vacation and spend their time staying in shape at Pro Elite”.

We reached out to Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera who summed up Pro Elite and Scott Rehm for us, “Good dude, straight shooter, & a competitor!!! Scott's the man!”

We want to take this time to thank Pro Elite and for all our members please go to
http://www.scottrehmmma.com/ for more information on this great gym!


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I like it, might join up.

lol sorry about that...we would hate to see your head explode!  We would love to have you in the club!

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