Elite Numbers?

What would you consider to be elite numbers to reach with the following exercises. I know that people come in different shapes and sizes and that it's all relative, but just generally speaking

one-legged squats
one-armed push-ups
jumping squats
handstand push-ups


I thought this was gonna be about powerlifting. Didn't know there were 'elite' numbers for BW stuff.

There aren't BW competitions (at least, no that I'm aware of...), so it's difficult to suggest certain numbers as "elite".

If you want to be "elite" (whatever that may mean) for BW stuff, I think you should chase after the following:

-Plance/Planche Pushups
-One-arm pullups
-Iron crosses
-One leg squats with weight
-Front Levers/Front lever pullups

I don't see why there couldn't be competitions for stuff like this, it's just as arbitrary as powerlifting.  Get a group of people together with similar goals, who perform similar feats and compare results.  What's wrong with that?  How would it be any different from powerlifting.  Different strokes for different folks.

If someone is the best in the world at whatever they do, does it automatically invalidate whatever it is they've achieved because it's not powerlifting?


I'm not skinny, lol

What I meant was something like

"20 pull-ups for the marine pull-up test"

What would be bragging rights to your friends

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What would be bragging rights to your friends
Why do you care?  Why are you so insecure that you need someone to tell you that you're "elite"?


 Why do you care that he cares?

LM- "Cuz there isn't. Basically weak and skinny guys try teling themselves they are elite by doing lots of push-ups. Um....... OK."

Great, they can be elite a doing pushups. Nothing wrong with that (unless you define wrong as "different from what I value personally").

You sound like one of those fat fucks who can lift a bunch of weight but get winded walking from the bench to the squat rack. Is it because you can barely do one or two pullups and half a dozen pushups that you feel so threatened by someone who (god forbid) LIKES a good strength to weight ratio?

That's all powerlifting is, really. A bunch of fat bastards who found a sport that lets them stuff their pudgy faces without ruining their preformance. They get strong in a couple of exercises while losing the ability to run, bend over, or live past the age of 45 while telling themselves they are "athletes".

See what I did here? I made some offensive generalizations that aren't really true about people who pursue goals different from "mine" ("me" in the sense of the perspective I'm writing from; I personally like the powerlifts).

You can be the world's best ping pong player (making you "elite" at ping pong) without ever getting strong; elite just means you're good at somthing.

Being elite at ping pong may not necessarily help you reach your goals or attain attributes you find valuable, but it's silly to think that having different goals from yourself invalidates the process.

"Elite" Marathon runners are skiny, weak guys who can run really far.

I also don't think there's anything wrong with trying to get bragging rights. Standards are good because they force you to try and meet them; if trying to hit a goal for bragging rights helps you workout harder, go for it.

Seul, there is no room for logic or reasoning or common courtesy on an internet forum. Now call someone a fag or you will be banned.

wow, I was just trying to set goals for myself really, I didn't mean that my only goal was to impress friends and I do other forms of conditioning that aren't bodyweight based.

thanks for the responses though

Ivory finally answered the question.

yeah, those are good numbers

I just made the powerlifting comment because 'elite' status is a term commonly used and associated with that sport.

FWIW I can make it from the bench to the squat rack without too much huffing, but its because I'm a skinny weakling. ;)

A lot of those are esoteric exercises highly influenced by technique.

I used to be able to jump in the air, land on my hands and knock out 8 unsupported kiss-the-floor handstand push-ups. Then again, I had been practising since I was 14, which was the main contributing factor...