Elite XC venue choice

Why would they choose a site just outside of Memphis to be their first event? Being from around there, I don't see this as an ideal crowd.

Gary Shaw has been putting on events there for a while.

"A couple other organizations, who had more talent, with guys who knew more, have already tried to do what these guys are, and they've failed. These guys don't know the difference between MMA and thumb wrestling."

  • Dana White

I don't know if Gary is very knowledgable about MMA but he's definately extremely familiar with the fight game, way more than Dana is.

Yo this fight card looks cool as hell. Dana White don't know the difference between supporting MMA and filling his wallet. and UFC neglects the south, which is why he'd say that. he's just threatened by Elite. ya didnt see him lashin out at K-1, IFL, WFC, Strikeforce or Pride like this. that's why. bet he aint happy elite's makin him go HD now too.

Elite has Antonio Silva, David Loiseau, Joey Villasenor on top of Shamrock and Gracie. that's a kick ass first fight card. and if you got HD its off da hook too. sports in HD is incredible.

UFC was way more B level when it started.

plus they gonna have the undercard free online. on their site www.elitexc.com. hope that catches on. though if I lives near ole miss, my ass would be there. watch the undercard on my treo if I'm late haha