EliteXC Renegade - where to bet???

Been a while since I had a punt. Anyone know where I'll be able to bet on this?

Can't seem to find a bodog page & pinnacle hasn't got it up?


Pinnacle will have odds... probably tomorrow.

yeah just found out, thanks heaps though.


^ source Justin ...  lol

Joey 'motherfuckin' Odessa is da source!


Nick Diaz -400
KJ Noons +360

Kimbo Slice-300
Bo Cantrell +270
Kyle Noke-130
Seth Kleinbeck +120

Antonio Silva -330
Jonathan Wiezorek +300

Jake Shields -330
Mike Pyle +300

Dr. Kleinbeck looks like a good bet.

The Dr. DOES look like a good bet.

I cannot believe that Kleinbeck is the underdog in this fight.


Joey has no love for the Doctor : (

I like Noke in that bout.

Noke via, ...?

Exactly how does Noke win? KO, I doubt that. Submission, highly unlikely. Decision, it wont go to one.


Noke via wherever the fight ends up IMO.

Kyle has only ever been stopped once and that was a superfight when he was inexperienced and his opponent was allowed to wear a gi,hence his he couldnt slip the armbar and had to tap. NEver stopped by punches which I think is all the doc will have for him. Im looking forward to the rest of the world getting to know our Champ and seeing him fight.

I guess I'm giving away free money  on this card.   :(

can't hurt to put a couple bucks down on Bo Cantrell with those type of odds.

I agree. Kimbo is definietly overpriced for his 1st real MMA bout, but public opinion will probly keep that number high till fight time.  Hard to justify him as being such a big favorite. He's no Brock Lesnar.


Anyone who thinks Noke will stand a chance standing is silly. He has not fought many strikers in my opinion.