I really like how they are working, they seem to be going for more of the boxing fan angle and trying to have a professional fight game feel.

With main events headlining and thats how the event is billed, its not a UFC XX: Revenge or something like that, its 'Shamrock/Baroni' bought to you by, etc...

Was watching the Tarver fight and they just talk about the Frank/Baroni fight, the countdown show will be on starting this week.

Is the UFC/HBO deal dead?


Perhaps you haven't noticed the numerous UFC events over the last couple of years that were titled the same way?

not really, its always UFC first than the fighters, its suttle, but still different

UFC pushes the UFC, not the fighters

Of course at some point you have to put the fighters out there to talk, but UFC wants the UFC brand out there before the fighters

They want 'Ultimate Fighting'

I thought the first EXC was a good start but I'm losing hope that they can put together a solid product. I mean, they wait 4 months to put another card on Showtime and they televise 2 shitty undercard bouts of a junky K-1 PPV? No thank you.