Elizabeth Swaney is pathetic

Has there been a thread on this woman yet?

Long story short, she's some wealthy 30-something who managed to get herself ranked 34th in the world in the freestyle skiing halfpipe by discovering that the scoring system gives points to the top 30 at each competition, and not every competition gets 30 competitors. So she went around the country and the world going to as many competitions as she could, doing no tricks and just managing to finish in the top 30 by not wiping out. Then, since the Olympics only allow 4 competitors per nation and the US team is actually competitive, she switched to represent Hungary because her grandparents are Hungarian.

Her Olympic run was pathetic, she attempted no tricks and finished dead last. And somehow, she's extremely proud of her accomplishments and thinks of herself as an inspiration. It's pretty much a total disgrace.

This is for real?  She’s a champion exploiter of loopholes. Glod medal exploiter. 

That's pretty awesome actually. Bravo to her.

She should sue for the gold 

It is for real. You can probably find her Olympic halfpipe run on YouTube or somewhere else online. It's one of the saddest, most bizarre things I've ever seen.

She's been doing these competitions for years and it looks like she just put skis on for the first time about 6 weeks ago.

She's pretty cute with big cans

At least she's giving it a shot

Don’t hate the player, playa.

Eh, she accomplished something. 

lol, no shame.

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At least she's giving it a shot

She's really not. If she looked like she was really trying and just wasn't that good, that would be one thing. But she's been doing this for like 5 years and she didn't even attempt any tricks. She's just some moron with way too much time and money on her hands.

It's like if I somehow scammed my way into the figure skating competition and then skated slowly in circles for 3 minutes, and then called myself an inspiration.


She is an inspiration for figuring out how to game the system. 


You're not seeing the real agenda,  getting into the Olympic village for that gold medal dicking down that happens there.

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Omfg that is pathetic

Seriously, I've never skied in my life and I think it would take me maybe 1 month of training to do what she did. And she's been doing it for like 5 years.

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Lol  the commentators trying to concentrate that run.


Agree with everybody soy says don't hate the player hate the game

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That’s comical. 

This imbecile even had a GoFundMe type page that earned her $0:


Despite the fact that she could afford to spend a shitload of money going to a slew of Freestyle Skiing World Cup competitions around the world.