Elizabeth Warren to speak at DNC Indian Caucus

No joke.. fake indian (feather) will speak to the DNC Native American Caucus. Bish is tone deaf as fuk



Is no lie to much for the dems? I was hoping she would win the dem nomination, Trump would have killed her on twitter.


Just today I heard Biden is going to win, 

I wonder how, do people watch this shit

I honestly thought this would be a troll thread.


DNC disables chatroom after trolls crash Warren appearance at Native American caucus meeting

So many trolls flooded a Democratic Convention Native American Caucus meeting where Elizabeth Warren was slated to speak that organizers disabled a chatroom accompanying the livestreamed event.

The Trump campaign and other conservatives on social media pointed out that the Massachusetts senator would be speaking at the event on Tuesday while alluding to Warren's previous claims to Native American ancestry.

Some critics of Warren noticed that the sidebar chat in the convention room was accessible to anyone, some on Twitter encouraged others to join and post criticisms of Warren.

Posters sent messages referencing Pocahontas, a slur that President Trump uses when talking about Warren; "1/1024," a reference to the small amount of Native American ancestry Warren could have based on a 2018 DNA test that showed she has a Native American ancestor six to 10 generations ago; and sent dozens of snake emojis, a way of calling Warren a "snake."

"Hi my name is Elizabeth Warren and I'm here to take your culture for my own personal benefit," read one message from someone who identified as "Chief White Snake."

Others in the chatroom condemned those bad-mouthing Warren.

"Please be respectful. No matter your opinion on Sen Warren's heritage, she established one of the strongest platforms for Indian Country," said an attendee identified as Dr. Aaron Payment. "Please do not alienate her. We need all the help we can get."

Organizers were apparently trying to manage the flood of trolls. About a half-hour into the event, before Warren was slated to speak, organizers disabled the chat.

"They disabled the chat! We’ve singlehandedly set a new land speed record for bullying the DNC into silencing free speech!" one person who had been encouraging the trolls said in a tweet.


I cannot believe they actually did this. Maybe the most tone deaf thing I’ve ever seen and I realize the weight of that statement.