Elon comes out swinging on Twitter! lol

I’m willing.
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Here’s one that lists average teachers wages for each province.

Oh man…I’d go to mars in a second.

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I dont know, Google and Apple are extremely powerful. Both companies have de-platformed things and destroyed them. Years ago Apple decided certain networking apps (wifi analyzers which are not nefarious) were against their terms (accessing wifi API’s) and they removed them from the app store and if you had it on your phone it quit working. Google did the same thing with the Dissenter addon which allowed you to comment on any webpage/article. They removed it from the Google Play store and broke it in the browser.

Hopefully if we get a R congress it will give the big platforms some pause but they seem to be extremely empowered to do what they want without any rational justification.

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Not quite each province, Newfoundland isn’t there. My buddy has his master’s and makes $96k, to fill in that gap.

lol Newfoundland being missing, they are missing even when they show up.

You’re right! That’s so weird…maybe it’s because of your weird time zone…

My wife (teacher) has her masters and that bumped her pay up too. That only makes sense though. I’ve always gotten more training to get better pay too.

His schtick has become dumb as fuck…he’s a good guy outside of his stupid posts. I went from laughing at them to ignoring them. Pretty sure thats what happened with Alto as well.

How so?

The fact that all the progressive , pilled up white females, effeminate/queer males, and BLM types are panicking means this is a good thing.

Pilled up progressive females and effeminate/queer males are not meant to be, npr are they wired for, any sort of leadership or influence over masses of people


Abortion says what???

Look what this guys said….hahahaha…

Abortion payments?!!

Elon will take care of all that now!

The home owners insurance in Florida is going fucking bananas. We had a cheap low deductible plan for a decade then all the sudden the last 3 years or so we keep having to change plans cause it keeps going up.

It’s about fulfilling man’s desire to explore.

Explore. Yes.

Exploring the depths of the human uterus with a scalpel.

Exploration. It’s essential.

That’s because we’re off running a train on yar Mudder.

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Oh look! Someone who doesn’t understand subsidies!