Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink gets FDA approval for human trials

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You think this means anything significant. Use your brains or Elon will!

Alex Wright vibes

If Alex Wright was a terrible dancer

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As already pointed out, the future medical advancements with this tech are limitless. However, we’ve already seen the over reach of various governments world-wide (including ours) that brings into question; the power they will have in essentially forcing a company to turn off the implant in certain individuals. Imagine you’re a paralyzed journalist that goes against the narrative of our current Regime and you have a chip implanted that helps you walk – back to the wheelchair you go.

Yes! A nerdy woman channeling Alex Wright and going 5%.

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Personally I couldn’t give a shit less what people do to themselves. Just like adult trannies. If they want to implant a chip in their head, be my guest. No one is forcing this upon anyone. Hell, if they wanna use it as a punishment for major criminals, more power to them!

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Tesla is building a humanoid robot.

Boston Dynamics have been doing it for 20+ years.

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Yes and no. They have done a great job with the robotics side but they aren’t working on the software side besides some basic stuff. As far as i know they don’t touch AI. Those videos you see of their robots are choreographed.

It’s the combination of AI + humanoid robotics that has potential to disrupt the world. If you need a remote control to control the robot it’s applications are very limited.


I’ll be in line right behind Elon

No Innovation happened without failures to get there.

We are in the begining stages of self driving cars. Eventually they will be way safer than any human and cut down on many fatalities, especially drunk driving.

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True, i wonder if musk is right and the future of self driving cars is cameras and not lidar. I don’t agree with him there but maybe I’m wrong lol.

Human chip implants sound scary, and it is. But it is also potentially capable of life changing things for people that need them.

Scary as it sounds the mixing of humans and AI is pretty much inevitable. Our species will likely evolve into some form of cyborg. We are of course a long long way from that.

Who knows if he is right or wrong in that.

Eventually our cars and planes will be entirely AI controlled though. With near perfect safety records. There will be a lot of bumps along the way to get there but it will eventually happen.

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Of course it’s simplistic. I am discussing the hypocrisy of a man, not geopolitics. What is your idea, worldwide adoption of AI? Because unlike an atom bomb, AI from which Musk and other warn about don’t need a human to press on a button in order to create destruction. Your black vs white, everybody else is going to weaponize and so should we, is the simplistic notion when discussing AI on a larger scale. I was simply focusing on the ridiculous notion of Musk being some kind of honest man and by some, a savior of some sort.


Whoever gets to general AI first sets the terms by which we operate. I’d rather that be Musk. Although I have serious doubts we will get there soon.

Aren’t you Christian?

If you were against vaccines, why would you ever be OK with a megalomaniac putting a chip in your head?

Are you against other people getting vaccines? Or just yourself?

Why would you care if someone else got a chip in their head.