Elon Musk Says He Will Unban Pres Trump On Twitter When He Takes Over! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



you’re the guy who jumped right to trump molesting peoples kids, you might want to sit this one out.

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Nope, it’s okay to bring up child rape every day if you’re Alto and his idiot friends when they’re talking about the boogeyman “left” in their imaginations. So I’m not going to sit anything out.

These are their own rules of engagement. It’s fair game according to the OG’s right wingers. Has been for years now. Musk agrees. If you get in his way or insult him in any way, you are a pedo.

“Democrats are child rapists” is the most popular right wing political opinion in America right now. Alto and the hoard or halftard right wing OGers made it abundantly clear that it’s a fair political weapon to wield, so I am just following their lead here.

Anyone who disagrees with me is a pedophile.

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You’re rude because you say everyone else is.

You use child molestation and pedophiles whenever you want because others have.

Like I said above, part of what makes this place great is that you guys can do you and I can choose not to. The thing is, most of the other people on here have redeeming qualities, you’re just the sum of your pathetic level of victimhood and don’t contribute anything beyond it.

By the way, you never did respond to any of my actual points, just accused alto of loving trump so much he’d let him rape his kids and then argue how you’re so much better than everyone else because you only act like this because they do.

Cut him some slack man. Not only is he a pedo defender, but he is mentally retarded. The poor guy really had no shot in life.

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That’s right. After 6 years of hearing it, clearly all of you (who have never objected before) think it’s cool. So here we are. It’s open for the taking. It’s a reasonable political opinion to shout at your opponents in a debate. You and your conservative friends are pedos. Deal with it.

Weird that its suddenly a problem when the tables are turned. And after years of the same trashy idiots saying the same trashy shit on here, the best you could muster is saying “both sides” should stop doing it (after seeing it used against a bigmouth conservative one time.)

You guys are so afraid to call each other’s bullshit out, it’s hilarious. So I will continue play by OG right winger’s rules and laugh as I watch you all meltdown when it’s used against you.

Why aren’t you policing the other threads here every day where right wing OGers say Democrats are pedos? I could link some threas if you want. Where are all the heroes when they’re really needed?

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Elon loves China…Americans are lazy says him

Fuck off you racist, bigoted, sexist, nazi, transphobe, homophobe, xenophobe, islamaphobe, pedo. Sorry, I had to add pedo to the end there, even though it was maybe the only one your side hasn’t been yelling for 8 years at anyone they disagree with. Hilarious your level of whataboutism and head in the sand hypocrisy. Fucking chumps like you deserve the side you ally with, which is the LBGQPEDOMAP+ fuckers.

What’s ironic is that I said it right after a conservative had posted and by saying both sides was quite clearly including… wait for it… both sides, right and left in using it to much.

Would you like me to spell it out for you so it doesn’t hurt your brain so much to try and understand?

I, Rikety Rik, think that both conservatives and liberals who use the term pedo and accuse others of pedophilia with no actual proof or reason are childish and it’s an term that shouldn’t be used lightly. This is my opinion, I own it and I don’t care which side you cheer for on it.

The above statement does not mean that I’m going to police the forums, checking every thread and telling people to stop saying mean shit (I actually haven’t said that) as I neither have the time or any kind of want to do that.

To clarify that statement so you don’t misunderstand, the above statement does not mean that when someone (you) is engaging in the part of the conversation I’m currently a part of (that would be you quoting alto, who was responding to me) that I will not make my opinion known.

Simple enough?

Too many words for that pedo defender. :slight_smile:

None of this happened. You made it up to justify being a scumbag with no clue about politics.

To be fair, artsykiddiddler is the only one I’ve seen actually state on here that he molests his children. Everything else is just speculation, and mdm is absolutely accurate about there being a long standing one way trend with flippant use of that vile insult.

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Just put him on ignore. One of the loudest mouth breathers on this forum. Trolls to no end and just throws a laundry list of slurs out. Couldn’t hurt a child’s feelings hes so bitter and angry. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny honestly.

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But they’re not. One side is using it constantly, and one person is using it in protest to show the aforementioned side how insane they sound.

And your retarded conclusion is that “both sides” are using it too much.


Where? I can show you 100 recent examples just from this site of Qtard right wingers using it. Shit, we’re in a thread where a bunch of bootlicking conservatives are worshipping a guy who also called someone he didn’t like a pedo.

It’s a real problem, I agree.

But it’s a real problem for conservatives and the right in general no matter how hard you try to spin it to protect your idiot friends.

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Words are not violence. Molesting children is.

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Let me try again.

I don’t care if you use it as a protest or not, you, AK, and whoever decides to use it with no proof are the problem.

Stop trying to win this argument. As I clearly stated, this is my opinion and I have no intention of forcing it on anyone else.

Jesus fucking retards flying in space… I’ve said it multiple times, YOU DO YOU, and I’ll do me. Ok?

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Hahaha of course, nobody on your side ever called anyone racist, bigoted, sexist, nazi, transphobe, homophobe, xenophobe, islamaphobe. Never happened. Nope. Fucking retard.

You should read your own words. You said you molest your own children. No edits, just your own words you sick fuck.

Says the little bitch that runs when he is put in his place. :stuck_out_tongue: