Elon Musk Says He Will Unban Pres Trump On Twitter When He Takes Over! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I started with calling out the pedo defenders. Didn’t once call anyone a pedo. Then the people that were defending pedos, you know Ksacs, The_Pundit, Walkinassassin, CopyPedoHero, Believeit, and their homo friends started claiming that I was projecting and the actual pedo. So I call out pedo defenders, people who were actively shilling for pedos and soft on pedo judges, and they come with “Well you must be projecting so YOU are the pedo”. So, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Anyhow, bunch of pedo defenders on this site and you see most of them gathering around in the last few posts. We see you The_Pundit you sad pedo fuck who admits to molesting his own children.

I agree with this.

It would take years to become relevant even if he built something better.

He’s not just buying the software and infrastructure, but mostly the brand recognition and gazillion registered users (and bots) acquired over years of operation.

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Thanks for bringing the thread back on point MarsMan. Sorry everyone for derailing the thread.

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You can’t back up your “both sides” pile of stinky bullshit, so you’re going to pretend it’s beneath you to even have this debate, which you started in the first place.

It’s called a dicktuck.

Just to reiterate: This is a major problem FOR CONSERVATIVES. There is no “both sides” here. CONSERVATIVES who learn about politics through troll-farm memes (which is most of the OG now) call everyone they don’t like pedos/pedo-defenders, and Qtards (a right wing movement) claim pedos run “the left” and Hollywood and Amazon and Microsoft, etc. etc.

This had nothing to do with “the left” until you saw one guy troll Alto with his own retarded statements. And then suddenly it became a problem from “both sides”. Spare me your bullshit please.

Why are you arguing me what my opinion is? Especially since I’ve told you multiple times what my opinion is and you refuse to listen, instead obsessing over two words that offended you.

You say that I started this debate but all I did was state my opinion and then tell everyone that they were free to continue on doing whatever they wanted.

How many times do I have to repeat myself before you stop trying to win an argument that no one but you is having?

Now, this so called debate isn’t beneath me but I’m done trying to convince you that I’m actually allowed to have an opinion other than yours.

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Your opinion is wrong. It’s not up for debate anyway.

It’s not a “both sides” thing. Quit lying.

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I support trump back on twitter. Average folk have prob forgotten how big of a dumbass he was.

Stop defending pedos and you wouldn’t be called a pedo defender, pedo defender. Your hypocrisy is surpassed only by your stupidity. Of course you would say it is only a problem on the right, because you are a rabid unhinged leftist. One that attacks someone that was correctly pointing out that both sides engage in this type of activity. While the right likes pointing out pedo defenders like yourself, sometimes in error (though not in your case obviously), the left loves their go-to racist/sexist/phobic slur. Guess what though? Sometimes a pedo defender like yourself is actually a pedo defender, and sometimes a racist is a racist. So deflect, whine like a bitch, cry like a girl all you want, your “MY SIDE DOESN"T DO IT BECAUSE I SAY SO” bullshit won’t fly here.

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The American political right has 10x the child sexual assault cases. It’s been well documented. It’s not even close. Republican party and its religious conservatism is a safe space for sexual predators.


The reason you all talk about this constantly and point fingers is to project what you’re insecure about.

This is a very real problem for conservatives. As opposed to the fake, imaginary problem you make up about democrats having babies in their pizza shop basements and Epstein parties.

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Then it should be easy for you to show us this 10x rate since it has been so well documented. Can you link us to the information you are using to show the 10x rate? The link you sent seems to be a bit one sided. Are we to believe from your link that no democrats are involved in child sexual assault cases?

This list at least seems a bit more non-partisan (note I didn’t check if either of the lists have fake data)


LOL. GameFAQs? Are you 12?

I just showed you a massive list of Republicans. It’s a few months old actually, so there would probably be more today.

There are known sexual predators like Matt Gaetz and Roy Moore active in politics that no Republican will repudiate.

You guys aren’t interested in protecting actual victims, you’re interested in a make believe world where everything you lie about is taken seriously.

You want to know why you can’t find a list of Democrats from a right wing safe space? Because it’s not long enough. It would immediately be a L so you all just continue to make false claims and repeat lies to feel better.

Lol @ linking to a gamer messageboard post